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UFC 184: So What About Brock Lesnar’s Appearance? Dana White Comments

Dana White

Once it was revealed last night that Brock Lesnar was in attendance at UFC 184, the internet likely lit up with discussion, as to whether this could mean the pro-wrestling star is indeed, headed back to the Octagon. The pay-per-view card went by without any major announcements, but did UFC boss man Dana White have anything to say about Lesnar? Well, technically speaking, yes…

As you likely know, in recent months there’s been a ton of speculation, as to whether Lesnar could be coming back to the UFC. The former heavyweight champ hasn’t said he is, but since his wrestling deal with the WWE is apparently up soon, many have wondered if Lesnar will make another MMA run.

White was, not surprisingly, asked about Lesnar’s attendance while speaking to FOX Sports 1, and here’s what he had to say:

“He’s a fan of fights. He wanted to come watch the fights. When his contract is up with the WWE, he can come talk to me.”

Now sure, even if White and Lesnar had a brief, informal discussion about his future he wouldn’t report it to the press. But, until you see Lesnar signing the dotted line of a UFC contract, don’t plan your “Brock is Back” party any time soon.


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