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Report: $25,000 Witheld from Babalu for Extended Submission

Update: According to the UFC Sobral has in fact been fined $25,000 and may face other disciplinary action from the NSAC.

Renato “Babalu” Sobral, who defeated David Heath last night at UFC 74 with a second round anaconda choke, has had half of his $50,000 paycheck withheld after he refused to release the choke despite a tap out from Heath and pleas from referee Steve Mazzagatti:

Sobral ended up in trouble with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over not releasing the choke for several seconds after Heath tapped out. The Nevada State Athletic Commission withheld $25,000 from Sobral’s purse after the match. The grudge started the day before at the weigh-ins when Sobral said Heath used profanity at him as they had just finished squaring off for the cameras.

No fine has been sanctioned against the fighter yet but the Nevada State Athletic Commission will review video of the incident and will then decide whether to fine Sobral and, if fined, how much of his pay he will be docked.


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