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Jon Jones Outlines Why He’ll “Never” See Anderson Silva as a Cheater

Jon jones

Anderson Silva supported Jon Jones publicly, when it was revealed that the latter tested positive for cocaine recently, and now “Bones” is defending the legendary fighter during his PED scandal.

Silva is expected to appear in front of the Nevada Commission later this month, due to the fact he has allegedly tested positive for several prohibited substances, including steroids. Silva and Jones have become buddies over the years, and more recently, they have done some training together.

Well, Jones attended a Q&A session this weekend prior to UFC 184, and while discussing Silva’s situation, the light-heavyweight champ stated (quote via MMA

“When you go through a situation like he’s gone through, there’s a lot of medical people that are gonna advise you to do this or that to heal yourself,” Jones said. “I’ll never look at Anderson as a cheater. What he’s been able to accomplish throughout his career is just unbelievable. He’s still a guy I admire and look up to tremendously and I’m pulling for him to just get through all this and continue being the champion that he’s been.”

Since news of Silva’s failed drug tests came to light, the former middleweight champ has denied using PEDs and has insisted he’s a clean fighter. More recently, however,¬†it’s being reported that Silva’s team is going to claim the fighter used PEDs ‘therapeutically’, as a means to recover from the broken leg he incurred in December, 2013. They also reportedly plan to tell the commission that Silva was using¬† Oxazepam (an anti-anxiety medication) and Temazepam (which is used to treat insomnia), in combination, as a means to recover from the back spasms he was incurring late last year.

Jones also reportedly relayed the following, regarding PED use:

“I’ve never been a guy to condone steroids,” Jones said. “I’ve had my own personal issues, but I do not condone steroids. I don’t really know the whole situation. I don’t believe he’s been doing it his whole career.”

Well, chances are regardless of Siva’s defense, the soon to be 40 year-old fighter will be suspended for a minimum of nine months.


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