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Joe Rogan Standing by Recent Comments About Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

Joe Rogan may have sparked widespread debate, when he argued Ronda Rousey could defeat half of the UFC’s male, bantamweights, but the accomplished martial artist is standing by his comments.

Just days before Rousey took out Cat Zingano in 14 seconds at UFC 184, Rogan made headlines, by arguing that the bantamweight champ might be able to defeat “50%” of the UFC’s male 135’ers. Some fans and observers agreed with Rogan, but others, like Ian McCall, took issue with the UFC commentator’s assessment.

Well, recently Rogan revisited the issue on his podcast, and here is some of what he reportedly had to say (quotes via MMA

“People got upset when I said that I think she could beat a lot of men in her weight class,” Rogan said. “They don’t know. They’ve never rolled with a girl who is really good.

“Technique is paramount and her technique is so lazer sharp. If she got in there with a guy who doesn’t have that good of technique, just because he’s a man, the physical strength, the benefits of being a male, whatever advantages he may have, aren’t necessarily going to counter the technique that she has when they’re the same weight.”

Rogan went on to add that if Rousey was fighting a bigger, much stronger opponent like Johny Hendricks, then things would be different. But, he furthered that against a male who is roughly the same weight, Rousey could “easily catch” them with a submission on the ground.

He also relayed that BJJ black belt, Jorge Gurgel, was apparently blown away by Rousey’s armbar win over Zingao.

Since this debate really took off, Rousey has come out and reminded folks that “there’s no setting in which we should condone a man hitting a woman.”

As far as the renowned fighter’s next bout, it looks like Rousey is going to face Bethe Correia at UFC 190 on August 1st.


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