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UFC FN 63’s Chad Mendes Explains Why He’s Picking Jose Aldo Over Conor McGregor

Chad Mendes

Although Chad Mendes has tossed some verbal bombs Jose Aldo’s way in the past, the featherweight contender clearly has a ton of respect for his former rival and champ. After all, Aldo has defeated the powerful wrestler not once but twice.

Since Aldo and his new rival, Conor McGregor, have been making headlines during the UFC 189 World Championship Tour recently, Mendes was recently asked to weigh-on on their upcoming bout. Here is some of what the Team Alpha Male had to say about the bout, while speaking to MMA

“In my opinion, breaking down the fight, I see Aldo winning the fight,” Mendes said. “I could see McGregor giving Aldo some issues. Aldo has had some issues with southpaws in the past, but he always seems to figure them out. One thing Conor does really good is using his range. He’s very lengthy and he punches well and keeps on the outside. That could be a problem for Aldo. But, McGregor keeps his stance very wide. Aldo has some of the best, or the best leg kicks in the sport. He’s going to eat that leg up if McGregor doesn’t check his kicks.

“(McGregor’s) always talking about being fluid and movement, but in every fight I’ve seen he doesn’t seem to move his feet very much. We’ll see. I’m actually pretty excited about this fight.”

That’s an interesting assessment from Mendes, and chances are there’s a lot of folks who agree with him. McGregor’s size and power will pose some serious difficulties for Aldo, but  “Notorious” hasn’t faced someone with the countering skills and kicking game that the champ has.

Mendes was also asked about McGregor’s antics at the recent World Tour event in Dublin, where the latter snatched Aldo’s belt. “Money” said that if he was Aldo, he would have punched McGregor right in the “f–king face”. Mendes also said he feels bad for Aldo, since he believes McGregor would be the “most annoying” person to do a tour with…The champ would likely agree with Mendes on that.

All the talk this past week about Aldo and McGregor has really overshadowed this Saturday’s UFC FN 63 card, which will feature Mendes taking on Ricardo Lamas. That’s a big fight, as the winner will remain right in the title shot mix.

UFC FN 63 will go down on Saturday at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.


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