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UFC 189 World Tour Embedded Ep. 10 Features New Footage of Crazy Dublin Event

Conor McGregor

Sure, some will say the “Embedded” series for the UFC 189 World Championship Tour got a little long in the tooth, but the tenth episode does provide some pretty unforgettable footage.

If you missed it, on Tuesday, the World Tour arrived in Dublin, and as everyone expected would be the case, the event was kee-razy. Conor McGregor received a hero’s welcome from his Irish countrymen and women, while the featherweight champ Jose Aldo took a fair amount of verbal punishment. As you probably heard, or saw, McGregor also snatched the belt away from Aldo, and things got a little / very intense for a few moments.

Welll, Episode Ten of the latest “Embedded” series features behind the scenes footage leading up the event, as well as some interesting and new clips of Aldo and McGregor, as they got into it. You can watch it below.

Now, it’s time to sit back and wait for the bout, which will go down on July 11th at UFC 189 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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