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Donald Cerrone: Ben Henderson “Definitely Won” WEC 43 Main Event

Donald CerroneDonald Cerrone, who suffered a narrow unanimous decision loss to Ben Henderson in the WEC 43 main event, doesn’t agree with those who think he won the fight:

“I think [Henderson] won the fight. Some people will say it might have gone the other way, but he definitely won the fight.

I just don’t get started. It’s something I’m trying to work on. I’d like to just go out there and get going right from the start, but I didn’t. I just got my ass kicked for the first two rounds and then decided I’d get fired up. I’m obviously disappointed in myself. I didn’t go out there and show what I had the first couple of rounds. I asked my coach, ‘What round are we in?’ He said, ‘Fourth.’ I said, ‘Oh, [expletive], I better get going.'”

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Pictured: Donald Cerrone


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