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Dana White Blasts Cain Velasquez’s AKA Gym For “Going to War Everyday”

Dana White

There’s no question that Cain Velasquez is one of the baddest men on on the planet, but unfortunately for fans and the UFC, the heavyweight champ has fought zero times since 2013…

Yes, the last time the renowned fighter competed was back in October, 2013, when he dominated Junior dos Santos at UFC 166, and stopped the former champ in the fifth round. Since then, Velasquez has been sidelined with shoulder and knee injuries, and while some would say it’s all because of bad luck, Dana White doesn’t see it that way.

The UFC boss man recently sat down with Setanta Sports, and while doing so, White had this to say about American Kickboxing Academy’s training practices, which is where the heavyweight king trains (quotes via MMA

“Some of the camps are still in the stone ages and need to be brought up to date,” White said. “AKA is one of those places. You’ve got Cain Velasquez, our heavyweight champion, who’s always hurt. Those guys go to war every day.”

“He’s training for a fight and he’s going to war with Daniel Cormier every day,” said White. “That’s not how it’s done. Not anymore. We need to educate a lot more.”

Of course, AKA supporters and Velasquez fans would likely argue that’s a reason why the latter is so ridiculously good. But, at the end of the day, there’s no denying that the heavyweight champ has encountered more than his fair share of injuries. Whether you agree about what White had to say regarding AKA, more and more gyms are re-examining how they train and are limiting the amount of hard sparring they’re doing.

Hopefully, Velasquez will be ready to go for UFC 188 on June 13th, when he’s scheduled to fight interim champ, Fabricio Werdum. The two were supposed to throw down last November at UFC 180, but Velasquez went down with a knee injury. Werdum ended up winning the interim belt by taking out Mark Hunt with a highlight reel, flying knee.

UFC 188 will be hosted by the Mexico City Arena, which is the same venue where “Vai Cavalo” defeated Hunt.


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