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Matt Mitrione Calls Jon Jones a “Hypocrite”, Says Latest Incident is a “Black Eye For The Sport”

Matt Mitrione

By now, more than a few UFC fighters have weighed in on Jon Jones’ recent arrest, and for the most part, the response hasn’t exactly been ‘positive’….Well, Matt Mitrione was recently asked to comment on the situation, and the former NFL player wasn’t shy about criticizing the now former UFC champ.

Mitrione recently appeared on “The MMA Digest” show, and when asked about Jones, here is some of what the heavyweight had to say (quotes via Bloody

“I understand that mixed martial arts is a baby, right, and it’s still growing. We strive to do good things like drug testing and stuff like this and then you just get a knuckle head – who’s just a remarkable amount of a hypocrite and says so many things – ‘I got a bible tattooed on my chest and I’m a great person’ and bla bla bla, and then you’re hitting people when they’re on their way to church and you hit a pregnant woman. You leave your car and you run out ┬áthen you run back to grab cash and probably some drugs and run off again and don’t even check on the people you hit – it sucks man, it just sucks. It’s such a black eye, it’s a black eye for the sport. I really do feel like Dana White and the UFC did the right thing – it’s a private company and if you acted like a jerk, you’re getting served up for it,”

Now, if you’ve followed Mitrione over the years, then you know that the 36 year-old hasn’t been known to hold back on what he really thinks. In other words, chances are more than a few of his colleagues agree with him, but just didn’t relay it in the same fashion to the media (yes, we should all keep in mind that Jones hasn’t been proven guilty of anything yet).

The powerful fighter reportedly went to add that he talked to Rashad Evans about Jones. Of course, Evans and Jones used to be pals and teammates out of Jackson-Wink MMA, until they had a falling out, and fought back in 2012. “Bones” won the bout via UD. Well, according to Mitrione, Evans opined that perhaps this is a “ritual” for Jones…

Now all this aside, Mitrione is booked to fight Ben Rothwell at the June 6th UFC Fight Night card in New Orleans. Now that’s a fight that has ‘won’t go the distance’ written all over it. Mitrione is currently ranked #12 in the UFC’s heavyweight division and Rothwell is sitting at #9.


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