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Joe Rogan Weighs-In on Jon Jones, Questions if Head Trauma Could Explain Incidents

Joe Rogan

It’s bee over a week now since the MMA world was rocked by the news of Jon Jones arrest, and various folks throughout the sport continue to weigh-in on the situation. One shouldn’t be surprised by the lengthy media cycle on this either, as after all, we are likely talking about the greatest fighter on the planet, and as of right now, it remains to be seen if and when he’ll fight again.

Joe Rogan recently discussed Jones, and his alleged incident, which saw him receive a felony charge of hit-and-run and stripped of the UFC title. If you listen to ‘The Joe Rogan Experience”, then you know the accomplished martial artist has talked in length about the dangers of fighting, in terms of the head trauma competitors endure. In recent years, the medical community is learning more-and-more about the long term and negative effects that athletes incur through competing, and Rogan wonders if this could be tied to Jones’ behaviour.

Here is some of what Rogan reportedly had to say in his latest podcast (quotes via MMA

“You can’t hit someone with a car and leave the scene of the crime,” said Rogan, who also said that the former champ is innocent until proven guilty. “It is a crime, but there are things that people do because they have brain damage. That’s where the real question comes up. Obviously they’re responsible ultimately for their own actions, but what is it that’s responsible for making them do that action?”

“…If the brain is getting damaged and if we have proven that some of the issues with people that have brain damage is impulse control you’ve got to wonder when you see fighters do wild, crazy s**t, how much of that is due to getting bonked in the f***ing head all the time?”

While some might dismiss Rogan’s comments, it’s an interesting point and something to consider. As Rogan noted, its potentially an issue which affects all fighters, he wasn’t speaking just about Jones.

Jones, who was arrested for a DWI in 2012, is facing up to three years in prison as a result of the recent charges.

Anthony Johnson, who was set to fight Jones prior to his arrest, will now face Daniel Cormier for the vacant light-heavyweight title on May 23rd.


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