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Reebok Sponsorship Numbers For UFC Fighters Are Out…

Ronda Rousey

Following widespread discussion, debate, and a late change, how much UFC fighters will make through the promotion’s Reebok uniform deal has been announced…and, it’s going to be pretty, pretty interesting to see how the MMA world reacts to the numbers.

Originally, a fighter’s compensations was going to be tied to their ranking. So, in other words, the higher ranked you are, the more cash you’d collect. But, many accomplished vets and plenty of observers rightfully argued that didn’t make sense, since there are a lot of fan favourites, who helped build the UFC, who aren’t top 15 ranked fighters.

So, last month, the UFC announced that the compensation would be based on a fighter’s tenure with the promotion instead. The champion, however, would still collect the most money, and chances are most people don’t have an issue with that.

Well, on Wednesday, the UFC reportedly sent out an email to its roster outlining the compensation model, and Cody Gibson tweeted it out. UFC officials have since confirmed with outlets like MMA that the figures are accurate.

Here is how it breaks down:

Now, keep in mind that fighters will also receive a percentage of their Reebok clothing that gets sold. But, they cannot wear non-Reebok clothing or other sponsorships during fight week any more. So, for example, you won’t see Luke Rockhold wearing Adidas swag at the weigh-ins.

So, chances are some fighters are going to be pleased with this news, for other, more established fighters, maybe not so much. We’ll likely hear more soon.

The uniform deal gets under way in July.


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