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UFC FN 65: Stipe Miocic Talks Mark Hunt, “I’ll go Where he Wants to Go”

Stipe Miocic

Mark Hunt has said he plans to “hurt” Stipe Miocic when the two fight tomorrow night at UFC Fight Night 65,  but according to the latter, he might have a tough time doing that.

If you’ve looked at betting odds heading into tomorrow’s scrap, you will have noticed that Miocic is a favorite in the -150 to -260 range. While Hunt may be one of the best men on the planet at halting consciousness with one punch, Miocic has a pretty nasty striking game in his own right. Not only that, but the Ohio heavyweight has showcased developed wrestling skills and a dangerous top game as well.

Thus, this is likely why, Miococ recently relayed the following to MMA

“I think I do everything better than Mark, you know?” Miocic said. “I have more skill. He has power. So do I. I’ve got better boxing. I’ve got better wrestling. I’ve got grappling. Wherever he wants to take it, I’ll go where he wants to go.”

“…I’m going to do what I want to do. If he thinks it’s going to be easy for him, let him think that. He’s in for a rude awakening.”

Now sure, others have said the same when they were getting set to face Hunt, and it didn’t go so well for them. But, when you consider the overall game and athleticism of Miocic, even the biggest Hunt fans should understand why he’s the underdog.

It’s going to be a fascinating fight, and if Hunt wins, his title shot run will continue, despite the fact he’s 41.

UFC FN 65 will be hosted by the Adelaide Center in Adelaide, Australia.


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