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UFC FN 65: Prelim Play-by-Play And Results

Mark Hunt

The UFC is back down under with its 65th Fight Night card, as today’s event is going down in Adelaide, Australia.

The prelims are under way on Fight Pass, so let’s get to the results and action.

Ben Nguyen def. Alptekin Ozkilic via TKO (punches) R1, 4:59

Brendan O’Reilly def. Vik Grujic via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Alex Chambers def. Kailin Curran via submission (armbar) R3, 3:15

Dylan Andrews vs. Bradley Scott

Andrews clips Scott with a counter right hook not long into the bout. Latter squashes a takedown attempt. Scott is looking for a trip but eats a huge uppercut and gets dropped. Scott gets back to his feet and pushes Andrews to the cage. Scott lands a few knees. Andrews is still against the cage and is taking punches and knees. Another big shot from Andrews sends Scott momentarily to the mat. Scott finds himself caught in a guillotine and drops to his back. Scott gets back to his feet, pushes Andrews to the cage. Both men fire shots from the clinch. Andrews takes a hard shot before the round ends.

Round 2: Not much going on in round’s opening moments. Scott flurries in nicely. Andrews digs hard to the body.  Both men are firing hard shots. Scott takes a hard right. Andrews says he can’t see out of his eye and the ref brings in a doctor. Interesting. Ref didn’t indicate there was any eyepoke. Replay seems to indicate that it was a punch, not a finger into the eye. Scott gets the bout to the mat and is trying to pass half guard. Scott plants some heavy shots from above. Scott drops into a guillotine. Wow. Andrews rolls to his back but ends up tapping. Nice win for Scott.

Bradley Scott def. Dylan Andrews via submission (guillotine choke) R2, 4:54

Lisa Ellis vs. Bec Rawlings 

Rawlings comes out aggressively but Ellis counters with a nice double leg. Ellis is trying to advance out of half guard and does. Wow. Ellis rolls for an armbar but loses the position. Rawlings is on top. Latter lands some shots from above. Ellis briefly gets to her feet but is back on the mat. Rawlings is in sidemount. Ellis stands up but Rawlings threatens with a choke. Ellis defends and is looking for a takedown. Rawlings breaks away, and thencomes in firing punches. Ellis is taking some heavy blows along the cage including hard knee. Ellis goes to the mat and Rawlings sinks in a RNC. Fight’s over.

Bec Rawlings def. Lisa Ellis via submission (rear-naked-choke) R1, 4:09

Sam Alvey vs. Daniel Kelly

Alvey wings a big counter left. Kelly charges in again and lands a right. Kelly fires another left but eats a huge right. Kelly gets back up but gets sent to the floor again. Kelly is trying to get back to his feet but ref’s seen enough. Fight’s done. Wow.

Ha. Alvey calls out Elias Theodorou. Wants a loser loses their hair scrap…

Sam Alvey def. Daniel Kelly via TKO (punches) R1, 0:49

Kyle Noke vs. Jonavin Webb

Webb chucks a left to kick things off. Webb’s using a lot of movement. Webb shoots in but can’t get it. Noke comes in with a kick but takes a left. Webb tries a spinning back kick. Noke with a nice front kick. Webb fires off a hard counter right. Noke tries a kick but eats a counter. Webb blasts in and is looking for a single. Webb sweeps Noke to the mat and dives for a leg lock. Noke defends and jumps to his feet. Noke plants a hard jab. Webb lands a nicely timed double leg. Webb drops back for a guillotine but can’t get it. The latter moves to the back of Noke. Webb dives for Noke’s leg again. Wow. Impressive stuff. Round ends.

Round 2: Noke comes in but gets dropped. Webb is trying to pass half guard. Webb passes but loses position. Noke is up on his feet and kicks Webb a couple of times to the thigh. Noke drops down and lands a couple of shots from above. Noke with another elbow from above. The Australian is back on his feet and is kicking Webb to the thighs. Noke goes back to the floor and fires down more punches. Webb threatens with a leg lock, gets to his feet, and sweeps Noke down. Nicely done. Noke is back to his feet. Noke eats another huge left that wobbles him. Round ends.

Round 3: Noke fires a head kick that’s blocked. Action has slowed. Webb shoots in but it’s squashed. Both welterweights land hard punches. Webb with a nice counter right. Noke comes in but takes another right. And another from Webb. The latter throws another counter but gets tripped to the mat. Noke is keeping busy with front kicks. The Australian throws another head kick but the final horn sounds.

Kyle Noke def. Jonavin Webb via split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Hatsu Hioki vs. Daniel Hooker

Hioki lands a leg kick to begin the fight. Hioki eats a hard left but plants a kick to the body not long after. Hioki counters nicely. Hooker with another good left. Hioki plants a big right. Hioki comes in a with a nicely timed hook but takes an eye poke. Hioki digs a kick to the body. Hioki hasn’t tried shooting once. Surprising. Now Hioki shoots in and takes Hooker down. The Japanse vet passes straight into mount. Hooker hips up and gets to hist feet. Hooker grazes Hioki with a head kick. Round ends.

Round 2: Hioki continues to pursue Hooker. Latter tries another head kick but Hioki catches it, and takes the featherweight down. Hooker is working butterfly guard. Hooker gets back to his feet. Hooker fires another head kick. Hioki counters with punches. Nice combo from Hioki. Hooker plants a left. Hioki with another body kick. Hioki shoots in but it’s squashed. Hioki lands another body kick. Wow. Hooker blasts Hioki with a head kick and down he goes. The featherweight finishes the deal with follow up punches.

Daniel Hooker def. Hatsu Hioki via KO (kick and punches) R2, 4:13


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