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UFC FN 65: Main Card Play-by-Play And Results

Stipe Miocic

Okay, so the prelims are over, so let’s move to the main card.

Jake Matthews vs. James Vick 

Matthews fires a right to begin the bout, follows up with a left. Matthews pushes Vick to the fence. Vick lands a knee to the body. Matthews grabs a double leg and slams Vick to the mat. Vick wall walks; gets back to his feet. Matthews plants a left hook. A right from Matthews lands. Vick flicks a couple of jabs. Vick fires a nice uppercut. Matthews throws a spinning back fist but takes an eye poke. Fight resumes. Vick comes in with a booming flying knee. Matthews shoots in but gets caught in a choke. Matthews rolls to his back but can’t get out. Wow. Matthews taps. Impressive win for Vick.

James Vick def. Jake Matthews via submission (guillotine choke) R1, 4:53

Sean O’Connell vs. Anthony Perosh

O’Connell flurries in and pushes Perosh to the cage. Wow. Perosh is eating shot after shot, and the ref jumps in to rescue him. Perosh is protesting stoppage but there’s no doubt he was taking some heavy punches. Big win for O’Connell.

Sean O’Connenll def. Anthony Perosh via TKO (punches) R1, 0:56

Brad Tavares vs. Robert Whittaker

Whittaker throws a front kick. Tavares counters with a leg kick. Both men flick out jabs. BAM! Whittaker floors Tavares with a left hook. Tavares gets back up and is sent crashing to the mat once again. A couple more shots from above and it’s wrap. Wow. Another first round stoppage. Huge win for Whittaker.

Robert Whittaker def. Brad Tavares via KO (punches) R1, 0:44

Mark Hunt vs. Stipe Miocic 

Hunt plants a leg kick to start things off. Follows up with a jab. Miocic shoots a single but Hunt gets back up. Miocic plants a hard punch. Hunt counters nicely with a left. Hunt fires  a left but eats a right hand counter. Another right from Miocic. Latter follows that up with a left. Hunt fires a left but gets countered. Miocic times a takedown beautifully. Hunt takes some shots from above. Miocic follows up with a couple of short elbows. Miocic plants a couple of hard punches from above, briefly threatens with a Kimura. Hunt works his way back to his feet. Round ends.

Round 2: Miocic fires a hard jab. Hunt looks tired. Miocic with a 1/2. Hunt lands a leg kick. Miocic lands a right and an elbow. Miocic changes levels and takes Hunt down. Miocic fires down several punches from above. Hunt is up against the cage, trying to get back to his feet. Miocic rains down several more punches. Hunt gets up but takes a big right. Hunt counters with a left. The latter’s right eye is pretty swollen. Miocic flurries with punches and an elbow, pushes Hunt to the cage. The lattter takes several more shots along the cage. Hunt is breathing very, very heavily. Wow. Hunt flurries as the round winds down. Miocic counters and the horn sounds.

Round 3: Miocic plants a nice jab. Hunt lunges with an overhand right and gets taken down. Miocic is working from half guard and is keeping busy with short elbows. Now Miocic postures up and lands some big elbows. Miocic continues to fire down punches. Miocic is running away with this round. Hunt is on one knee and is taking more elbows. Hunt briefly gets up but is taken right down. Now Miocic is in mount and is hammering away. This is going to be over. Hunt is taking a beating. Wow. Ref hasn’t stopped it and Hunt is trying to get back up. Miocic is still pounding away. Crazy. Round ends. Hunt is a swollen and bloody mess.

Round 4: Hunt fires a right but appears to have nothing left. Miocic easily takes him down. Miocic is firing down more punches and elbows. More of the same. And still, more of the same. Miocic postures up and lands a big right. Hunt has worked his way to the cage, gets up, but eats a big left. Hunt looks absolutely exhausted. Both eyes are badly swollen. Miocic has him pushed up agains the cage. Round ends. It’s hard to believe this fight is still going.

Round 5: Miocic blasts in and takes Hunt down with ease. Miocic is picking away with punches. Fans are booing for some mind blowing reason, chanting ‘stand them up’….Okay…Miocic is just punishing Hunt with punches and Hunt is doing pretty much noting. Ref threatens to jump in. Finally, and thankfully, the ref brings the beating to a halt.

Stipe Miocic def. Mark Hunt via TKO (punches) R5, 2:47


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