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UFC 187: Prelim Play-By-Play And Results

UFC 187: Prelim Play-By-Play And Results

One of the biggest events this year is underway in lovely Las Vegas, as UFC 187 will feature two title fights and several accomplished vets.

Let’s get to the prelim action.

Islam Makhachev def . Leo Kuntz via submission (rear-naked-choke) R2, 2:38

Justin Scoggins def. Josh Sampo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Just a note that the Nina Ansaroff-Rose Namajunas scrap has been cancelled, as Ansaroff is suffering from the flu.

Colby Covington vs. Mike Pyle

Covington shoots in early but Pyle is defending up against the cage. Pyle attempts a trip but Covington isn’t having it. After a break for a low blow, Covington is hunting for a takedown again. Pyle is threatening with a Kimura grip. Covington finally takes Pyle to the mat. Covington lands a few punches and elbows from above. Round ends.

Round 2: Covington blasts in with a double leg but Pyle gets back to his feet. Covington wings some hard punches coming in and starts looking for a takedown. Covington pulls Pyle to the floor. Pyle quickly moves into an armbar but Covington defends. Big elbow from the latter. Couple more elbows from Covington. Ref stands them up. Pyle has a cut below his right eye.

Round 3: Pyle needs a finish to get the win. Speaking of which, he attempts a flying knee, and then dives for a choke. Covington defends and is back in the top position. Pyle can’t work his way out and is running out time. Pyle is looking for a Kimura once again. Wow. Pyle uses it to reverse. Covington gives up his back. Pyle is hunting for a choke. Crazy. Covington works his way out. Final horn goes.

Colby Covington def. Mike Pyle via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Uriah Hall vs. Rafael Natal 

Natal fires a kick and it hits Hall low, right out of the gate. Natal follows up with a couple more low kicks. Hall attempts a spinning body kick. Wow. Hall drops his hands and Natal rushes in, grazes him with a right. Hall with a jab and front kick. Hall fires a quick low kick. Natal plants another hard leg kick, shoots in, but can’t get it. Hall comes back with a spinning kick that just misses. Wow. Hall launches a head kick that Natal just blocks. Hall plants a kick to the body. Hall is gaining confidence. Natal rushes in, briefly takes Hall down. Round ends.

Round 2: Hall comes out and fires a couple of kicks. Hall plants a couple of jabs and is smiling. Natal comes in with a nice leg kick. Wow. Natal with a nicely timed double. Natal lands a few shots from above but Hall gets back to his feet. Hall lands a knee to the body. Natal changes levels but can’t get the takedown. Action slows. Now Hall comes in looking for a takedown. Wow. Hall slams Natal down but the latter pops right back up. Another throw from Hall. Round ends.

Round 3: Hall spins again with a kick but misses. Hall charges in with a knee to the body. Natal flurries in. Natal attempts a takedown but Hall squashes it. Natal continues to have trouble reaching Hall. Natal charges in and lands a right. Both guys land stiff jabs. Natal grabs a single leg and pushes Hall to the cage. Ref breaks them up. Natal lands a right. Natal comes in and plants a left. Final horn goes. Close fight.

Rafael Natal def. Uriah Hall via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Josh Burkman vs. Dong Hyun Kim 

Burkman wings a leg kick to star the fight. Kim changes levels but Burkman moves aside. Burkman comes in with some heavy punches and pushes Kim to the cage. The Judoka reverses positions. Burkman attempts a trip but can’t get it. Kim moves to Burkman’s back. Kim is tossing some light punches from behind. The latter starts working a RNC but Burkman is defending. Kim still working from Burkman’s back standing but round ends.

Round 2: Kim fires a couple of front kicks but misses. Kim attempts another kick but slips. Burkman charges in and is tossing big shots. Kim comes back but eats a counter. Now Burkman is looking for a takedown. Kim defends and has Burkman against the cage. Wow. Impressive grappling from Kim. The latter has Burkman’s left arm tied up with his legs–like an inverted crucifix position. Kim is tossing punches from above. Burkman appears to be okay but he’s taking a lot of shots. Kim lets Burkman up. Round ends. Dominat round for Kim.

Round 3: Burkman fires a kick and then stumbles Kim with a follow up shot and knee. Kim waves him on but Burkman is bombing in shots. Wow. Kim recovers and takes Burkman down. Kim’s hunting for an arm-triangle-choke. Kim moves to the other side and that’s a wrap. Impressive finish for the South Korean.

Dong Hyun Kim def. Josh Burkman via submission (arm-triangle-choke) R3, 2:13

John Dodson vs. Zach Makovsky 

Makovsky changes levels but Dodson pushes away. Dodson plants a stiff left. Makovsky drops levels again, sneaks in a knee. The latter tags Dodson with a left. Dodson comes in but gets countered. Makovsky dives for a leg but Dodson defends. Makovsky with a stiff jab. Another left from the latter. Dodson fires a nice leg kick. Makovsky goes for a single leg and then comes with a head kick. Dodson plants a hook.

Round 2: Dodson lands a left upper cut. Makovsky is attempting to time Dodson as he comes in. Dodson fires a hard leg kick but Makovsky briefly pushes him to the cage. Dodson seems a bit puzzled. Wow. Dodson wings a huge left but it doesn’t land flush. Now Makovsky is moving forward. Makovsky changes levels again but Dodson shrugs him off. Dodson wings a massive left but Makovsky ducks under. Both guys chuckle. Makovsky grazes Dodson with a head kick. The former Bellator champ briefly trips Dodson down, but the latter gets up, and then slams Makovsky. Ha. Dodson helps Makovsky to his feet. Makovsky digs a knee to the body. Round ends.

Round 3: Dodson misses with a left. Makovsky lands a leg kick. Dodson comes in but gets countered with a left. Makovsky fires a kick to the body. The latter shoots in but Dodson sprawls. Some boo birds are out. Dodson clinches up and lands a couple of knees. Dodson plants a nice shot. Makovsky changes levels but again, can’t get it. Dodson blocks a body kick and briefly takes Makovsky down. Again, Dodson squashes a takedown attempt. Final bell sounds. Very, very competitive bout.

John Dodson def.  Zach Makovsky via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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