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UFC 187: John Makdessi Says It’s Time to “Rest” And “Reflect” After Breaking Jaw

John Makdessi

John Makdessi stepped up to fight Donald Cerrone at UFC 187, and after having his jaw broken in the bout, “The Bull” plans to take a break and evaluate his next steps.

If you saw the bout, then you know that Makdessi hung in there against the lightweight contender, but that he was outgunned by Cerrone. As round two neared it’s end, Cerrone caught Makdessi with another head kick, and the latter immediately waved off the bout. It was revealed shortly after that Makdessi had broken his jaw.

Well, Makdessi has spoken out about the devastating loss on Facebook, and here is some of what he had to say:

“…In regards of my career I’m 30 years old now I’ve been competing since the age of 6 and turned professional at the age of 23. The 155 division always leaves me at a disadvantage with opponents having the size and reach advantage and at 145 I won’t feel strong, be too weak and it won’t be good for my health. It’s to bad they don’t make more weight classes for the fighters like they do in boxing. I have to be smart I take to many risks fighting bigger guys, but I know it’s a business no ego involved. This fight I took a lot of damage. Never in my life took so much damage. Have to sit down with myself do a lot of thinking a lot of healing and see what I’m going to do next…”

“I think the post I put up earlier was misunderstood to some ppl. I did not mean to give out the message that I was going to retire or anything like that was just how I was feeling after two fights back to back with no rest …most people don’t know what a professional fighter (Mma) goes through and what the PROCESS is like. We don’t just get into a cage and fight … There’s a lot behind the scene and preparation a pro Mma fighter does…That being said the smartest thing for me right now is to rest and reflect and see what’s next.Thank you for all your messages and support.”

Recovering from a broken jaw is clearly a tough process, and it’s easy to understand Makdessi’s frustrations regarding the weight classes. The talented striker is 5’8 tall and clearly is on the smaller side for a lightweight (which makes his KO over the 6’0 tall Shane Campbell that much more impressive).

Hopefully the Tristar fighter’s recovery goes well, and it will be interesting to see what Makdessi decides to do next. The 30 year-old fighter has gone 6-4 in the UFC to date. During his time with the promotion he’s defeated established vets like Daron Cruickshank and Sam Stout.


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