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Chris Weidman: “Jacare” Souza is “Probably” More “Dangerous” Than Luke Rockhold

Chris Weidman

While it remains to be seen who in fact Chris Weidman will face next, the middleweight champ has offered his take on the abilities of the two men who are the leading candidates.

Although the consensus seems to be that Luke Rockhold will battle Weidman next, “Jacare” Souza is also right there in the mix. In fact, until the UFC on FOX card last month, most folks believed the latter had a slight lead over Rockhold in the title shot race. But Rockhold went on to cruise through Lyoto Machida, and since then, he’s moved into the #1 contender spot.

Well, Weidman recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and when asked to assess and compare the two middleweights, he stated this (quote via MMA

“I would expect a tough fighter, but I’m running right through any of these guys,” Weidman said. “[Rockhold]’s well rounded, but he’s not great anywhere. He’s not the best striker I’ve ever fought, he’s not the best jiu-jitsu guy I ever fought. Jacare brings a different element, he’s really good on the ground and he’s probably more dangerous on the feet than Rockhold. Rockhold is well-rounded and keeps a good solid pace going throughout the whole fight. They are two completely different fighters. If I was to say who was more dangerous, it would probably be Jacare, but there are probably more holes in his game than Rockhold.”

Interesting huh? In terms of Weidman saying Rockhold’s “not great anywhere”. There’s probably more than a few people who would disagree with that.

Then again, there are many who believe Souza will be a tougher test for Weidman, on account of his jaw dropping ground game (although Rockhold’s no slouch on the mat either).

Really, all this debating aside, both men should provide Weidman a tough test and as a result, a great fight is likely. It will be interesting to see who the UFC elects to go with (odds are it will be Rockhold).


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