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UFC Chatter: Bisping Speaks Out on Sokodjou Comments

“Well, put it this way. I’ve been training with a guy who took Sokoudjou the distance and I whoop that guy’s [butt]. No offense to [my training partner] — I like him. He’s a good guy, he’s my friend. I would beat him in a fight and he took Sokoudjou the distance. So if Sokoudjou wants to call me out, you know what I mean? If the UFC doesn’t want to sign him, have him come up to my house. I’ll kick his f-ing [butt]. Simple as that. Come and see me, I’ll give him my phone number! Ha! I’ll f-ing bounce his head all over the place, f-ing a-hole.

But, to answer the question, what do I think? Eric Schafer was 9-1 with all submissions in the first round. In his previous fight in the UFC he choked a guy unconscious in under a minute. You know, so how can you say I’m being protected when that was the first fight on my contract? You know, a guy who is 9-1 and it was my debut in the UFC and I took him out. People are going to say what they’re going to say, you know? Elvis Sinosic — not the best record, but a veteran in the sport. He’s been in there with many world champions. This one, with Matt Hamill, people want to see it because of the show. They have their reasons, you know? People are always going to have an excuse to criticize — you will always have your critics. After a fight they will always say this or that, but I just try to ignore the comments and leave the keyboard warriors to the keyboards, you know?”

– UFC light heavyweight Michael Bisping speaks out to MMA Madness about comments made by Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou alleging the UFC was protecting the rising contender. Bisping faces Matt Hamill at UFC 75 this weekend in London.


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