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UFC FN 67: Prelim Play-by-Play And Results


The prelims are under way for the latest UFC Fight Night card, which is going down in Goiania, Brazil.

There are six scraps scheduled for the prelims, including a pivotal flyweight bout between Jussier “Formiga” and Wilson Reis.

Let’s get to the fighting…

Fight Pass Prelim Results

Juliana Lima def. Ericka Almeida via unanimous decision  ( 30-287, 30-27, 30-25)

Tom Breese def.  Luiz Dutra via TKO (punches) R1, 4:58

Mirsad Bektic vs. Lucas Martins

Bektic comes out firing shots and has Martins back pedalling. Bektic shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Bektic is firing down shots and Martins is cut. Martins is trying to get back to his feet but Bektic is sticking too him. Martins is back up but his left eye is a swollen, bloody mess. Bektic takes him down again. Martins briefly works his way back to his feet. Bektic has one leg wrapped up and is throwing left hands in. Now Bektic is working on a choke but the round ends.

Round 2: Martins’ left eye is almost completely shut. Bektic comes out and sends Martin stumbling to the mat with a right. Bektic is pouring down punches from above. That’s a wrap.

Mirsad Bektic def. Lucas Martins via TKO (punches) R2, 0:30

Nicolas Dalby vs. Elizeu Zaleski

Dalby comes out an throws a couple of kicks. Another cracking leg kick from Dalby. Zaleski fires an overhand right but miss. Wow. Zaleksi comes in with another booming right that has Dalby moving backwards. Dalby blasts in with a nice double leg. Ref stands them up. Both men are keeping busy with kicks and punches. Zaleski throws a spinning kick that misses and Dalby’s on top. Zaleski gets back to his feet briefly but is brought back down. Round ends.

Round 2: Zaleski comes out and has picked up the striking volume. Zaleski is looking to land the big right but Dalby is defending well. Zaleski lands a couple of hard leg kicks. Dalby changes levels and gets the takedown. Zaleskis gets to his feet and briefly looks for a Kimura. Dalby takes him down again, Zaleski gets to his feet and chucks an upper cut. Dalby is cut by the right eye. Knee from Dalby hits Zaleski low. Zaleski comes in but takes a right hand. Dalby eats a left. Dalby changes levels but round ends.

Round 3: Dalby takes a right hand shortly into the round. They clinch up briefly. Zaleski digs a right to the body. Both men are keeping busy. Dalby fires a series of kicks. Zaelski grabs the Muay Thai plum and fires some knees to the body. Now Zaleski is threatening with a Kimura along the cage. Dalby takes Zaleski down. Wow. Zaleski uses a Kimura to sweep and is on top. Zaleski fires down some shots but Dalby gets to his feet. Final horn sounds. Close fight.

Nicolas Dalby def. Elizeu Zaleski via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Jussier Formiga vs. Wilson Reis 

Reis goes for a kick but winds up on his back. Formiga loses the position and Reis is back up. Latter eats a right. Lots of movement from both flyweights. Formiga wings some big shots that miss. Reis lands a nice right hook. Formiga charges in and they briefly clinch up. Reis pushes Formiga to the cage and is looking for a takedown. Can’t get it. Round ends.

Round 2: Formiga plants a left. Wow. Formiga follows up a big right and Reis crashes to the mat. Reis gets back to his feet but gets swept back to the floor. Formiga has his back but loses the position. Now Reis is on top. Reis tries to pass but can’t. Formiga gets back to his feet. The latter lands another right. Reis blasts in and gets the takedown. Formiga pops right back up. Nice trip from Formiga. Reis gets back up.

Round 3: Reis spins with a punch but misses. Reis pushes Formiga to the cage. Reis throws in several punches but Formiga breaks out. Reis throws a flying knee. Nice. Doesn’t appear to have landed too hard. Reis clinches up again. Some fans are starting to boo. Formiga flurries in with some heavy shots and then sweeps Reis to the ground. Wow. Formiga has the back of Reis but the round ends.

Jussier Formiga def. Wilson Reis via unanimous decision  (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Rony Jason vs. Damon Jackson

Jason attempts a flying knee to start the bout but Jackson clinches up. Jason breaks away. Latter throws a body kick but gets taken down. Jackson tosses some shots from above. Jason gets back to his feet but Jackson drags him down. Jackson fires a knee to Jason’s head as he’s technically downed (one hand was down). Fight’s momentarily stopped. Looks like ref ruled knee was okay. Wow. Nice take down from Jackson. Crazy. Jason slaps on a ridiculously quick triangle / armbar. Jackson’s attempting to work his way out but can’t. He taps. Highlight reel finish for Jason.

Rony Jason def. Damon Jackson via submission (triangle-choke) R1, 3:31


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