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Dan Henderson Wants a Shot at UFC Light Heavyweight, Middleweight Titles

In late February at Pride 33, Dan Henderson became the first mixed martial artist to hold two titles in two different weight classes at the same time when he knocked out Wanderlei “The Axe Murdered” Silva.

The surprise upset headlined the best MMA event so far this year. Henderson fights out of the talent ladenTeam Quest camp and recently talked to David Avila of about who he wants to fight in 2007:

“Henderson revealed he had battled most of the fight with a broken right hand, which he said he thought he suffered in the first round. Once he is healed, Henderson has big plans for the rest of the year, including bouts against Ultimate Fighting Championship stalwarts such as Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddell. “

This all hinges on either UFC purchasing PRIDE or the two rival organizations coming to terms on allowing the veteran MMA fighter to fight in both promotions. If successful Henderson could be the proud holder of 4 MMA titles come year end including the light heavyweight and middleweight titles in PRIDE and the UFC.

Henderson continued to talk about his desire to have the fights:

““I hope they do come together,â€? Henderson said.

Any sort of agreement between the MMA competitors might lead to megafights across the world, and Henderson probably would be a centerpiece of any card. Fans already are salivating over the possibility of watching someone such as Henderson meet the best in his two weight classes.”

I am salivating already.

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