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UFC FN 68: Prelim Results And Play-by-Play

Shawn Jordan

The prelims for UFC Fight Night 68 are underway in New Orleans, Louisiana, so let’s move to the action…

Fight Pass Prelim Results

Jose Quinonez def. Leonardo Morales via submission (rear-naked choke) R1, 2:34

Jake Collier def. Ricardo Abreu via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Justin Edwards vs. Joe Proctor

Edwards lands a nice counter left not long into the bout. Proctor responds with a leg kick. Edwards pushes Proctor to the cage, throws some elbows, but Proctor works his way out. Proctor throws a big right. Edwards gets the take down but Proctor pops back up. Both men are keeping busy. Proctor plants a nice left hook. Edwards throws a spinning back kick and Proctor grins. Edwards continues to move forward. Proctor chucks a big uppercut and then moves away from another spinning kick. Round ends.

Round 2: Edwards comes out with some combos. Edwards is still being the aggressor. Edwards pushes Proctor to the cage and then fires several knees to the head. Proctor covers up and moves out. Edwards moves in but takes a counter. Proctor with a nice jab. Wow. Proctor with a leaping kick but it’s blocked. Edwards flurries in, lands a right, and takes Proctor down briefly. Proctor is finding the mark more often this round. Proctor throws a spinning kick but eats a front kick. Round ends.

Round 3: Edwards comes out aggressively but takes a big left. Edwards continues to pursue Proctor, who in turn, is countering. Edwards changes levels and is looking for a TD but can’t get it. Proctor finds a home for his right hand. Both men are keeping busy but neither is firing a lot of combos. Edwards flurries in and starts looking for a TD. Proctor counters with a guillotine but Edwards defends. Proctor lands a knee and then starts hunting for another guillotine. Edwards drops to the floor to defend. Wow. Final horn sounds but Edwards is out cold. Crazy finish.

Joe Proctor def. Justin Edwards via technical submission (guillotine choke) R3, 4:58

Christos Giagos vs. Chris Wade

Giagos clinches up right away but Wade spins out. Wade lands a big left, changes levels, but can’t get the takedown. Giagos comes in and gets brought to the mat but only briefly. Giagos wings a body kick and shoots in. Wade defends. Giagos comes in with a flying knee and then clinches up. Wow. Wade throws Giagos to the mat and takes mount. The latter works his way out. Wade plants a nice leg kick which briefly buckles Giagos to the mat. Giagos is cut by his right eye thanks to a big elbow from Wade. Round ends.

Round 2: Wade fires a head kick but takes a left. Both men are keeping busy. Wade looks for a TD but Giagos sprawls. Wade sweeps. Giagos is looking for a choke but gives it up. Now Giagos has worked his way into top position. Wow. Wade reverses positions again. Giagos takes a knee to the head as he works his way back to his feet. Round ends.

Round 3: Camera gets a close up of the cut Giagos is wearing. Giagos lands a left. Wade comes in, takes a knee to the body, but still gets the takedown. Wade is in half mount. Giagos works his way back to his feet. Giagos plants another left hook. Giagos flurries in nicely. Wade is looking for another TD and gets it. Giagos gets to his feet again. Wade fires a head kick. Giagos counters with a knee to the body. Round ends.

Chris Wade def. Christos Giagos via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Omari Akhmedov vs. Brian Ebersole 

Yes. Ebersole is rocking the chest-hair arrow….Akhmedov fires a body kick to begin the fight. Ebersole looks to clinch but Akhmedov counters with punches. Akhmedov with another hard body kick. Ebersole throws a kick but misses. Akhemedov with an overhand right but it’s blocked. Ebersole changes levels but can’t get it. Akhmedov plants another right. Ebersole avoids a leg kick. Wow. Akhmedov pounds Ebersole to the body with a hard shot. Every punch for Akhmedov has a lot behind it. Another body kick from Akhmedov. Round ends.

Wow. Ebersole incurred a knee injury in the opening round and isn’t coming out for the second round (replay shows it might have been the result of a leg kick).

Omari Akhmedov def. Brian Ebersole via TKO (leg injury) R1, 5:00

Derrick Lewis vs. Shawn Jordan

Lewis throws a couple of kicks to begin the fight. A right lands from Lewis and he pushes Jordan to the cage. Wow. Jordan throws Lewis to the mat.  Latter gets back up. They clinch, break, and chuck huge shots. Lewis with a spinning kick but it misses. Jordan shoots, takes an elbow, but gets the TD. Lewis gets back up. Wow. Lewis comes charging at Jordan and both men are firing big shots. Looks like Jordan took one by his left eye and he’s cut. Jordan with another takedown. Jordan lands some elbow from above. Round ends.

Round 2: Lewis throws a kick to begin the round but takes a hook kick to the head in return. Crazy. Lewis stumbles to the mat and Jordan is pouring down punches. Lewis can’t work his way out and the fight’s stopped. What a finish. Jordan is definitely a “Performance of the Night” frontrunner right now…

Shawn Jordan def. Derrick Lewis by TKO (kick and punches) R2, 0:48


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