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UFC 188: Gilbert Melendez Argues He’s a More “Intelligent” And “Calculated” Fighter Than Eddie Alvarez

gilbert melendez

After years of debate and swapping verbal shots, Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez will finally throw down at UFC 188 on Saturday. Not only is it a promising bout because of the backstory, but because it features the #4 ranked lightweight in Melendez, taking on the #9th ranked Alvarez.

Recently Melendez spoke to about the upcoming fight, and while he credited Alvarez for his toughness, he argued the following (transcription via MMA

“He’s a tenacious fighter. He has a lot of heart, a lot of aggression. He throws big punches with big power; and that’s where he’s the scariest. I feel like I’m a very disciplined fighter. We are similar in a lot of ways. We both like to throw bombs, we both like to mix in the takedowns and we both like the ground-and-pound. I think overall, I’m more intelligent and more calculated fighter, and that is going to make the difference in this fight. I’m going to keep my head together and I am going to make the right decisions when he makes the wrong decisions and I am going to capitalize. I know I’m the more elite fighter and I plan on showing it.”

There’s no question that Alvarez has showcased a ton of heart and grit during his career, and he’s also a noted finisher. Does Melendez have the edge in terms of technique and strategy? There’s probably a few folks out there that would say yes.

Melendez noted both men like to “throw bombs”, and there’s no question they’ve been involved in some pretty epic wars. If you’re new to MMA, or are part of the ‘I only watch the UFC’ club, then you have to check out Alvarez’s battles with Michael Chandler.

Melendez, of course, is not far removed from his instant classic with Diego Sanchez. So, don’t be surprised if Alvarez-Melendez ends up being “FOTN.”

UFC 188 will be hosted by the Mexico City Arena on June 13th.


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