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Daniel Cormier Warns Fabricio Werdum he Should Have “Kept His Mouth Shut”

Daniel Cormier

Until a couple of days ago, there didn’t seem to be any ill will between Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum, but apparently that’s changed, due to some comments from the latter…

If you missed it, in the first episode of UFC 188’s “Embedded” series, Werdum argued that Velasquez is an “American who he thinks he’s a Mexican”. Not surprisingly, the statement got back to Velasquez (saying things like that on camera have a funny way of doing that), and the heavyweight champ admitted in Episode Three that he’s not too happy.

Werdum has also said that Velasquez is a good ambassador for Mexico, but obviously things have gotten a little tense because of what he said. Case in point, here is some of what Daniel Cormier had to say about the incident, while speaking to the press recently (quote via MMA

“I’ve known Fabricio, I’ve known him for years,” Cormier said. “When I see him I go over and shake his hand. I hadn’t seen that Embedded thing, and I didn’t know what was going on. So, I saw what happened with them and then after, I asked what happened. He explained to me, and I was like, ‘oh s—,”

“He should have just kept his mouth shut,” Cormier added. “I mean, he was going to lose anyway, but it would have been like Bigfoot [Silva], you take your whupping and you keep moving on.”

Now of course, Werdum may have orchestrated all of this as a way to inject some emotion into the fight and take Velasquez out of his game, or just drive pay-per-view sales. Cormier also noted that “Vai Cavalo” might have said it “tongue in cheek”, but still believes he would have been better off not riling up his teammate.

It”s going to be a fascinating night. No question.

UFC 188 will go down on June 13th at the Mexico City Arena. In the co-headliner, Eddie Alvarez will take on fellow lightweight contender, Gilbert Melendez.


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