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Interview: Founder Cody Sweet

FightTrends today announced that it has acquired, a leading MMA fashion and gear blog, with the site becoming the first part of the newly-launched Network.

Below is an interview with founder Cody Sweet, who has joined the team to remain as editor of the site.

What exactly is is an online fashion and gear blog dedicated to the fight niche. Our goal is to keep the fight community updated with all of the newest gear and clothing available to them. Everything from T-shirts to gis to fight shorts to thai pads. If you love wasting your paycheck on killer fight gear and clothing then FightTrends can give you a hand with that.

So what’s the story behind FightTrends? How did it all get started?

Back about two years ago I was in one of my Entrepreneurship classes at California State University, Chico. We were assigned to read an article called The Brand Underground in the New York Times. It is about 3 urban fashion entrepreneurs who started their own labels and hit it big.

I ended up having to give a presentation on the article and while I was researching it I came across the site It is an urban fashion blog and I thought it was awesome. I’m not so much into the urban scene but the concept of the blog was great. I immediately thought I could do this in the fight niche. The problem was I had no web design skills and hadn’t even heard of WordPress yet. So the idea just sat in my mind for a couple of years until I started learning about WordPress. Once I started to mess around with WordPress the idea of FightTrends came back to the surface. One day I just got a fire inside of me and started and finished FightTrends in one weekend. It has been up and running for just under four months now.

How do you decide what makes the cut for FightTrends and what doesn’t?

I just try to keep it interesting. If something catches my eye, I’ll put it up. I try to pick brands that really support the sport and are real fight brands. Some brands like to sponsor a fighter or two and then never really make a real run into the fight niche. I shy away from brands like that. I love to add the Japanese brands. Inspirit and Reversal always put out great products so I try to feature them as much as possible. I tend to stay away from the Affliction-esque type of brands out there because to me they are not fight brands, they are fashion companies trying to target our demographic.

What has made FightTrends successful so far?

I think the biggest reason FightTrends has caught on like it has is because so many people in the sport have taken a liking to it and helped spread the word. People like Kris at MMAFrenzy, Dave at Nogi, Vince at Shoyoroll, Jesse at, Ted at Tri-Coasta and so many others. Brands like Manto, Warrior Wear, Redstar, Six Deuce, Venun, Kimurawear, Jaco, Sprawl and others have all given me access to their brands so that I am one of the first ones to know when new products are hitting the market. This allows me to keep FightTrends readers in the know and get them information before it hits the streets.

Any big plans for FightTrends in the future?

Yeah, too many! FightTrends has recently taken on a life of its own. I no longer decide what FightTrends does, it decides on its own and then I have to bust my ass to keep up lol. Right now is a crazy time in the fight game. It is growing like mad and along with that means fight brands are increasing the size of their product lines and new brands seem to come into the market on a weekly basis. There is a lot to stay on top of out there.

Besides the partnership with MMAFrenzy we are also looking to bring a forum to FightTrends. We want our readers to be able to interact with each other and have a real community feeling to FightTrends. We also want it to be a place where fight brands can come to interact with their customers and get feedback on their products and also get ideas and suggestions for future products.

Anything you would like to say to the people reading this?

If you haven’t already, go to and check us out. Let us know what you think, we love hearing from our readers on ways we can improve FightTrends. While you are at it, add us to Facebook and Twitter also. We have big things planned for FightTrends so be sure to keep checking back, I think you will like the direction we are going. Thanks to all of the MMAFrenzy readers out there and we hope to bring you tons of interesting material in the future.


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