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UFC 188: Prelim Card Play-by-Play And Results

UFC 188

UFC 188 is under way in Mexico City, Mexico, so let’s move to the preliminary card action…

UFC Fight Pass Prelim Results

Cathal Pendred def. Augusto Montano (170) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Gabriel Benitez def. Clay Collard via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Johnny Case vs. Francisco Trevino

Case comes out and is keeping busy. Trevino spins out after eating a few shots. Trevino starts to throw some leg kicks. Case is threatening with the upper cut. Wow. Case takes a finger to the eye and screams out loud. Scary. Doctor is looking at Case. Fight resumes after Case says he’s good to go. Case takes Trevino to the mat but loses position. Case is fighting for a guillotine and uses it to sweep. Trevino spins into an armbar but Case defends. Round ends.

Round 2: Case comes out aggressively and Trevino calls him on. Case continues to out strike Trevino. Latter steps in and Case takes him down. Case passes. Feed is cutting out. Now Case has Trevino’s back. Wow. As the two scramble Case drops down for a choke but loses it. Now Trevino’s on top. They work their way back up. Case with another, nicely timed takedown. Round ends.

Round 3: Case lands a stiff jab. Fans are starting too boo. Trevino plants a light hook. Case comes in with a nice straight right. Trevino needs to pick it up if he can. Case takes him down once again. Trevino is hunting for a Kimura but can’t get it. Case is in sidemount. Trevino with some elbows from the bottom. Trevino works his way out and back to his feet. Round ends.

Johnny Case def.  Francisco Trevino (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Alejandro Perez vs. Patrick Williams

Williams tags Perez right of the gate with a right hand and slaps on a choke. Wow. Perez is out cold. Now that’s what you call a fast fight.

Patrick Williams def. Alejandro Perez via technical submission (guillotine choke) R1, 0:23

Efrain Escudero vs. Drew Dober 

Dober throws a kick but slips. Escudero jumps on a guillotine. Dober is trying to back out while standing. Crazy! Dober taps. Another quick win via the dreaded guillotine…

Efrain Escudero def. Drew Dober via submission (guillotine choke) R1, 0:54

Chico Camus vs. Henry Cejudo 

Camus lands a right. Cejudo briefly changes levels and then comes in with a combo. Camus is winging hard shots. Cejudo clinches up and pushes Camus to the cage. Camus breaks away. Cejudo stumbles to the mat but gets back up. Cejudo pushes Camus to the fence again but the latter breaks away. Camus throws a few shots but Cejudo clinches up again. Camus gets out again. Camus plants a left and squashes a takedown attempt. Another nice sprawl from Camus. Cejudo lands a left but is still having problems getting the fight down. Round ends.

Round 2: Both men fire off shots. Camus eats a right. Another right from Cejudo. The latter pushes Camus to the cage. Both flyweights land some solid punches. Camus shoots a single but again, Camus defends. After another exchange Cejudo pushes Camus to the cage once more. Camus plants a left. Camus feints a single leg. Busy round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Cejudo fires a right. Both men are starting to wear punches they’ve taken. Camus defends yet another takedown attempt. Very impressive. Camus takes a thumb to the eye and the fight’s briefly stopped. Another takedown from the Olympic Gold Medalist is stuffed. Cejudo plants an elbow from the clinch. Cejudo is starting to land more often. Now Camus pushes Cejudo to the cage. The latter breaks free and then pushes Camus to the cage. Cejudo lands a jab but takes a right. Finally, Cejudo manages to get Camus to the floor.

Final horn sounds. After the bout Cejudo says he had food poisoning a couple of days before the fight, and that he felt sluggish as a result.

Henry Cejudo def. Chico Camus via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


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