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UFC 188: Main Card Play-by-Play And Results

UFC 188

Now that the prelims are in the books for UFC 188, it’s time to move to the main card, and Cain Velasquez versus Fabricio Werdum.

Angela Hill vs. Tecia Torres 

Both women are exploring their range with jabs and light kicks. Hill lands a right. Hill is moving forward. Torres changes levels but can’t get the takedown. Torres plants a right on the break. Torres shoots in and gets the TD. Torres is in half guard. Torres postures up and lands a few shots before the round ends.

Round 2: Torres throws a combo and looks for the trip. Can’t get it. Torres shoots in again and takes Hill down. Torres is trying to pass but is still trapped in half guard. Referee “Big” John McCarthy stands them up. Not much happens to run out the round.

Round 3: Both women have picked up the pace and are throwing  more strikes. A few boos start to ring out. Torres plants a jab. Torres changes levels but can’t get the TD. Torres has Hill up against the cage. Hill breaks free but Torres has her up against the cage again. Final horn goes and some more boos fly throughout Mexico City Arena…

Tecia Torres def. Angela Hill via unanimous decision  (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Yair Rodriguez vs. Charles Rosa

Rosa eats a jab. Rodriguez comes out launching acrobatic kicks. Wow. In the ensuing scramble Rosa ends up in a triangle. Doesn’t look like Rodriguez has the position to finish. Now Rodriguez turns in the choke could be tighter. Wow. Rosa is hanging in there and gets out. Rosa fires down a couple of elbows and takes Rodriguez’s back. Rodriguez gets back to his feet but gets thrown to the mat. RosA throws some shots from above and then dives for leg.  Great action! Round comes to an end.

Round 2: Rodriguez plants a hard leg kick. Nice side kick from Rodriguez. Rosa is having trouble breaking through Rodriguez’s offense. Good body kick from the latter. Rosa shoots in but can’t get it. Wow. Rodriguez feints and then chucks a left. Rodriguez throws Rosa to the mat but stands up and out. Rosa is cut. Ref briefly takes a look at the cut. Another hard leg kick from Rodriguez. Rosa is a bloody mess. Rodriguez attempts a standing elbow. Rosa rolls for a leg lock but Rodriguez defends. Rosa shoots at a double but gets reversed. Round ends.

Round 3: Rosa lands a nice overhand right. Rosa comes in and gets the TD. Rodriguez chucks in some elbows from the bottom. Rosa lands some blows from the top. Wow. Rodriguez throws up his legs and threatens with a triangle. Rosa escapes. Rosa tries to roll into a crucifix but loses the position. Fights on its feet again. Rosa comes in and gets a single leg. Rosa passes but Rodriguez regains guard. Rodriguez with an upkick. Both men flurry. Final bell sounds. Outstanding fight.

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Nate Marquardt

Gastelum is pressing forward to start the fight. Marquardt wings a counter but eats a right. Gastelum plants a left and another. Gastelum with a hard 1-2. Marquardt’s wearing it already. Marquardt pushes Gastelum to the cage but the latter breaks free. Marquardt takes a jab but lands a right. Marquardt throws Gastelum down but he gets right back up. Gastelum takes Marquardt down  and then moves to his back. Marquardt rolls out nicely. Gastelum bombs in a couple of hard shots that appear to stagger Marquardt. Rounds ends.

Round 2: Gastelum fires a couple of leg kicks. Marquardt looks tired. Marquardt clinches up. Gastelum continues to outstrike Marquardt who’s a step behind. Another right from Gastelum. The latter starts pouring on strikes and Marquardt crumples to the mat. Marquardt gets back to his feet but looks done. Marquardt’s on the mat again and Gastelum is working from the top. Gastelum lands some elbows. Marquardt fires an elbow and rolls for a leg. Gastelum gets out. Round ends. Marquardt’s coach Trevor Wittman tells the doctor the fight’s done. One sided win for Gastelum.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Eddie Alvarez

Alvarez comes in a with a nice combo. Melendez fires a couple stiff jabs. Alvarez comes in and eats a massive right hand. Alvarez is staggered but recovers. Left eye of Alvarez is already marked up. Melendez plants another big jab. Alvarez fires a leg kick but takes another jab. Wow. Melendez lands another counter. Another jab from Melendez. Alvarez is bleeding from the nose. Melendez cracks him with another right. Alvarez is getting beat to the punch by a wide margin. Round ends. Alvarez’s left eye is badly swollen. Ah.

Replay shows that it was a right elbow, not a punch, that wobbled Alvarez.

Round 2: Alvarez cracks Melendez with a right. Alvare’z left eye appears to be completely shut. Alvarez changes levels but can’t get the TD. Alvarez pushes Melendez to the cage. Melendez takes a low knee. They show replay that shows Alvarez blew his nose in between rounds and his eye quickly swelled up. Alvarez plants another leg kick. Melendez tries a TD but can’t get it. Another leg kick from Alvarez. The latter ducks for a single but can’t get it. Now Alvarez gets the TD. Melendez gets back up. Wow. Alvarez spins with an elbow which may have tagged Melendez. Round ends. Could be one round a piece.

Round 3: Alvarez shoots in. Melendez defends at first but Alvarez keeps working and gets it. Melendez gets back to his feet. Melendez lands an uppercut on the break. Alvarez shoots in but can’t get it. Alvarez cracks Melendez with a right. Melendez lands a counter right. Alvarez fires a leg kick but eats a jab. Alvarez gets another TD but Melendez pops right back up. Alvarez takes “El Nino” down again, but again, Melendez is back up. Melendez fires off a few punches. The right eye of Alvarez is also swelling up. Alvarez chucks another spinning elbow that lands. Melendez is cut wide open. Round ends. Wow. What a gutsy performance from Alvarez.

Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum

Velasquez comes out charging and Werdum spills to the mat. The latter gets back up but Velasquez has him against the cage and is firing in shots. Werdum breaks free and Velasquez is cut. The latter takes Werdum down. Velasquez lets him up. Werdum with a front kick. Werdum lands a jab  but takes a couple hard rights. Velasquez throws a knee and Werdum takes him down. The latter gets back up. Werdum with an inside leg kick. Velasquez lands a left. Werdum comes in with 1/2. Velasquez sweeps Werdum to the mat, but again, lets him back up. Werdum looks tired. Velasquez takes another shot and the round ends. The heavyweight champ is pretty bloodied up.

Round 2: Velasquez is also breathing heavy to begin the round. Both guys plant punches. Werdum attempts a head kick but misses. Werdum fires a jab but takes a counter. Now Velasquez lands some leg kicks. Werdum lands another jab and then an uppercut. Velasquez fires back. Velasquez lands another hard leg kick. Werdum returns the favor to the body of Velasquez. Werdum pushes Velasquez back with a hard combo. Velasquez continues to return shots. Both guys look very tired. Now Werdum looks cut. Werdum flurries in, takes a counter, but fires a body to the knee. Werdum cracks the champ again. Velasquez continues to stay busy with leg kicks. Velasquez with an overhand right. This is a slugfest. Velasquez takes several more shots. Wow. The champ gets wobbled by an uppercut. Velasquez looks very shaky. Round ends. This is crazy.

Round 3: Velasquez is looking very battered but comes out aggressively as usual. Velasquez shoots in and takes Werdum down. Velasquez lets him back up. Velasquez comes in and lands a headkick. Wow. Werdum catches Velasquez with a guillotine but the champ works his way out. Werdum tries a headkick but misses. Another TD from Velasuez. Unbelievable. Werdum sinks in a choke and Velasquez taps. What a performance by “Vai Cavalho”!

Fabricio Werdum def. Cain Velasquez via submission (guillotine choke) R3, 2:13



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