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UFC 188: Nate Diaz Blasts Judges, Says Eddie Alvarez’s “Whole Face Was Broken”

Nate Diaz

If you thought Eddie Alvarez did just enough to earn a decision win over Gilbert Melendez last night at UFC 188, well, Nate Diaz might have some choice words for you…

If you watched last night’s card, then you saw Melendez blast Alvarez with several cracking punches in the opening round. Then, Alvarez made the mistake of blowing his nose after the opening frame, and his left eye nearly closed up. Melendez proceeded to land more shots throughout the rest of the fight, but, Alvarez kicked his wrestling game into gear, and received a split decision nod. Alvarez did, however, look much worse for wear.

Well, after the tightly contested bout, Diaz was asked to weigh-in on the decision by MMA’s Ariel Helwani. Here is some of what Melendez’s teammate and buddy had to say (quote via Bloody

“Gilbert Melendez won rounds one and two. I don’ think Alvarez did much of anything so I don’t know how he won that fight. He broke his face shit – his whole face is broken. Melendez was ready to go afterwards and Eddie was in the hospital. You tell me how that works.”

“He said he wants to see me next. Does he want that? Obviously not. He’s at the hospital. If any of these guys [Pettis, Alvarez] want to man up and fight the real fighter then we can get it. But I don’t think anyone wants that, so…”

So there you have it. Of course, Alvarez supporters will argue that he won rounds two and three, and therefore, there shouldn’t be any debate. Ye, even if, Alvarez was beaten and bloodied. ¬†Others, of course, will argue that this is just further evidence of why MMA needs a more comprehensive way of scoring fights.

All this aside, as you read, Diaz says he’s down to fight either Alvarez or Pettis. Considering he has a long standing feud with “Showtime”, one would think that fight seems like a no brainer for the UFC right? It would certainly move tickets.


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