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Strikeforce Challengers 4: Evangelista vs. Gurgel Weigh-In Results, Quotes, and Photos

Billy Evangelista vs Jorge GurgelOvershadowed by Saturday’s CBS-televised “Fedor vs. Rogers” event, Strikeforce tonight hosts Strikeforce Challengers 4: Evangelista vs. Gurgel in Fresno, California. The Showtime-televised card is headlined by undefeated lightweight Billy Evangelista vs. UFC veteran Jorge Gurgel.

All 18 fighters scheduled to be in action at the event weighed-in yesterday for their bouts and the weigh-in results were:


  • Billy Evangelista (159) vs. Jorge Gurgel (159)
  • Brandon Cash (256) vs. Shane del Rosario (240)
  • Luke Rockhold (185.5) vs. Jesse Taylor (186)
  • Thomas Diagne (155.5) vs. Merrit Warren (154)
  • Elisha Hellspur (134.5) vs. Zoila Frausto (132.5)


  • Johnny Goh (154) vs. Ben Holscher (155.5)
  • Chris Culley (148.5) vs. Casey Olson (145.5)
  • Cole Escovedo (135.5) vs. Maurice Eazel (133)
  • Rico Altamirano (171) vs. Alex Trevino (170.5)

Stop back to later tonight for results from the event and check out quotes and photos from the main card below.



  • “He’s (Gurgel) an explosive, tough guy. He’s aggressive and experienced on the ground.
  • “I don’t have much of a game plan. I’ll adjust as I get in there.
  • “I need to be focused on the fight and be ready for any openings that come. I’ve trained for every aspect and I’m expecting everything in there. I just have to fight my fight.”


  • “I respect him (Evangelista) as a fighter. He’s well rounded and he has a lot of heart. He’d not going to give up.
  • “He’s well rounded, but I think I’m a better fighter and have more experience.
  • “It’s going to be a tough fight. I’m really looking forward to it.
  • “I’m excited to be booed for the first time in my career. They’ll boo me when I get in there, but they won’t be booing me when it’s over.”


  • “I don’t think he’s fought someone as hungry as me or as powerful as me. This is my backyard, so he’ll have to do a lot to take me out.
  • “I don’t see this going past the first round, not the way I fight. There won’t be much feeling out, we’ll just go out there and fight.
  • “As long as I get the win, I’ll be happy.
  • “I want him to quit. Once I hit him really hard, he’s not going to want to come back at me.
  • “I’m a little more nervous than usual fighting at home, but I think that will keep me on my toes.
  • “I’ve trained a lot harder and I’ve gotten a lot better. I can’t wait to show everyone on SHOWTIME how much I’ve progressed.”


  • “I don’t think he’s fought anyone like me before.
  • “The first round is going to be pretty wild, but I need to stay relaxed in there.
  • “I’m not concerned with his size, I’m ready for everything.
  • “My cardio is really good right now. I’ve been in the gym since my last fight, so I’ve had a great training camp.”


  • “I’ll be ready for whatever happens in there. I’m comfortable for any direction the fight goes.
  • “I’ll take a KO if I can get it, but I’m ready for anything.
  • “I’m in great shape right now. I just need to stay relaxed in there.”


  • “I always gauge my opponents as future world champions or current world champs, that way I’m always prepared. But, I’m ready for anything in there.
  • “I learned a lot from my last fight. I took it on short notice and it didn’t go my way, but it (the loss) wasn’t a set back.”
  • “I want to continue to prove myself in there. A win on Friday night will be huge.”


  • “He’s an explosive fighter, so I know I have to be ready for that.
  • “I really want to go to the top; I just want to be No. 1. I’m used to being a champion. I’ve been a champ in San Shou, now I’m ready for MMA.
  • “My experience in San Shou has really helped me with starting my career in MMA.”


  • “I need to stick to my game plan with him.
  • “Being in the ring or the cage is like second nature to me. It’s a switch that just goes off for me. I’ll be ready.
  • “There’s going to be fireworks in the cage. It’s going to be a great fight.”


  • “I know she’s (Helsper) going to come out swinging, I just have to be able to weather the storm.
  • “I’d love to get a knockout on Friday night. I haven’t had one yet, so it’s about my time.
  • “The audience gets me a little nervous. But, as soon as I get in there, the crowd isn’t there.
  • “I have to bring it. There are no ifs, ands or buts, have to end this fight.”


  • “I’ve been training for two months steady for this fight.
  • “I need to give it my all and not give up. I’ve got the skills to win, I just need to put it all together.
  • “I think I’ll be able to shake off the cage rust. If anything, I think it will make me more aggressive.”


Photos courtesy Tom Casino/Showtime


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