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Report: Jose Aldo’s Coach Says Doctors Have Conflicting Opinions on Extent of Champ’s Injury

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Although the UFC has announced that Jose Aldo’s ribs are not fractured, and that the champ still intends to fight Conor McGregor on July 11th, things are still looking very dicey, in terms of the fight taking place.

Earlier in the week, the internet was lit up and then some, after it was revealed that Aldo injured his ribs while sparring.  It was clear right away that the fight was in jeopardy, as Aldo’s coach, Andre Pedeneiras, said that if the fighter’s ribs were fractured, the featherweight wouldn’t be able to fight until October. But, on Wednesday, the UFC announced that doctors had determined Aldo’s ribs were only bruised, and that for now, he’s still booked to fight at UFC 189.

Well, Pedeneiras spoke with the media recently following a Shooto event in Brazil. According to a report from MMA, the coach says that Brazilian physicians believe Aldo has fractured ribs, but that U.S. doctors have concluded they’re bruised.

“There’s medical report here and an evaluation there. I’m not a doctor to say which one is correct,” Pederneiras said. “I know he’s injured and this rib injury is painful. He’s using anti-inflammatory and we will wait to see if he gets better. The fight is on, and we’ll check him again next week.”

The renowned, Nova Uniao coach also said that Aldo can’t train, because of the injury, but despite everything, he believes the featherweight can defeat McGregor…

So, there you go. As more and more comes out about what’s transpired, if everything is being relayed accurately, you really have to wonder if Aldo will, or should, fight in two weeks time. One thing’s for sure, the fight has gotten that much more interesting, and who would have thought that was possible, considering all the drama that’s gone down in the preceding weeks.

If Aldo has to pull out from the bout, Chad Mendes will battle McGregor for an interim belt.

UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena.


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