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UFC 189: Brian Stann Believes Jose Aldo Will Fight Because of Huge Pay Day

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As we all anxiously wait to see if Jose Aldo¬†might still¬†pull out of his July 11th scrap with Conor McGregor, Brian Stann believes the champ won’t, even if his ribs are really banged up.

For now, Aldo is still scheduled to fight McGregor at UFC 189, even though it sounds like the featherweight star is in a fair amount of pain, and has had his camp brought to a halt. Of course, there’s a chance that his team is exaggerating how hurt Aldo is, as a way to mess with McGregor, but obviously he incurred some type of rib injury last week.

Well, some people have questioned whether Aldo is making the right decision, since he’s going to battle his rival with his abilities diminished. According to Stann, however, there’s just too much money on the line for Aldo to pass up. While speaking to MMA recently, here is some of what the UFC commentator and former fighter had to say:

“I think he makes the walk based on the financial impact alone,” Stann said. “Here’s the positive things for Jose Aldo going into this fight: This fight is going to make him an awful lot of money — win, lose or draw. He’s the only featherweight champion in history. I think he merits, no matter what, an immediate rematch if he were to lose this fight. For him, he takes the fight, there’s already a built-in thing where if the performance is terrible people are going to point to the ribs first. And there’s great build-up for a rematch and he’ll get another great payday.”

Stann makes a really good point. While it’s easy to get caught up in the personal implications of the fight, Aldo has a huge beef with McGregor, he’s the reigning champ etc, what about the financial ones? Sure, Aldo could postpone the bout and then have a big pay day a few months down the line, but he could also double up on making some serious cash like Stann says.

We’re not privy to how much money Aldo has made over the years, but chances are the renowned fighter hasn’t made Georges St-Pierre, set for life kind of money just yet.

Now, does all this mean Aldo won’t pull out? Of course not. If his ribs aren’t improving, he and his camp may very well decide that withdrawing is the sensible and safe thing to do.

UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and will also feature welterweight champ Robbie Lawler taking on Rory MacDonald.


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