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UFC 189: Kenny Florian Says if he Was Conor McGregor, He’d be Attacking Jose Aldo’s Rib “All Day”

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Conor McGregor has said he’ll be targeting Jose Aldo’s chin, and not the champ’s injured ribs at UFC 189, but it sounds like Kenny Florian isn’t convinced.

As it stands right now, Aldo is still booked to fight McGregor on July 11th, even though the featherweight has bruised ribs and cartilage damage (although according to his coach Andre Pedeneiras, Brazilian physicians believe they’re cracked). The injury has led many to question whether Aldo should fight at all. Not only can Aldo not properly train for the remainder of his camp, but come fight time, one would think he’ll be quite a bit less than 100%.

Then, there’s also the question as to what will happen if McGregor targets the injury. Aldo is ridiculously tough, but if his ribs get smashed by a kick or punch, the fight could go south in a hurry.

Well, as noted above, McGregor says he won’t go that route in the fight, but during Florian’s podcast with Jon Anik, “KenFlo” had this to say (comments via MMA

“At this level, man, if I’m Conor McGregor I’m salivating! Knowing that Jose Aldo would have come into this fight with a bad rib injury I’m going to attack it all day. You know all’s fair once that bell rings and you’re good to go, all is fair and as an opponent you know whatever… it’s not cheating once you’re in there. If you know that part of the body is injured you can attack it, it’s simple as that. And I think that is where the struggle was partly with Jose Aldo in his camp and whether they’re going to take this fight or not. Everybody knows where the injury is and Conor McGregor is a devastating body puncher and obviously an awesome kicker as well. So, a lot of risk there.”

Now of course, this doesn’t mean McGregor will target the ribs. Chances are he’d catch a lot of heat and criticism if he does, but then again, “Notorious” doesn’t seem overly concerned with bothering people…All of this is another compelling layer that’s been added to one of the biggest fights (fingers crossed) in the promotion’s history.

UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. If Aldo does pull out, Chad Mendes will face McGregor for the interim belt.


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