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The UFC’s Fight Kit is Unveiled, Care to Watch The Launch?


For months, there’s been no shortage of discussion, debate and speculation regarding the UFC’s new uniform deal with Reebok, and today, the promotion unveiled the “kits”,

If you’re brand spanking new to MMA, then all of this is likely lost on you, and you may be asking ‘they have uniforms now?’ Yes, yes they do.

Last December, the UFC announced that it had reached a deal with Reebok, whereby the sports apparel giant would create uniforms for the promotion’s fighters. The deal guarantees fighters a share of sales and a certain amount of money for each fight, depending on how many times they’ve fought for the UFC. There have been some vocal critics of the deal, but it remains to be seen how it will all shake out over the long term.

All this aside, the uniforms were revealed a big media event today in New York, and you can watch the footage below.


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