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UFC 189: Chad Mendes Says Conor McGregor is “All Bark”

Chad Mendes

When you’ve fought the consensus best featherweight of all time, twice, and taken out many of the planet’s best 145’ers, chances are you’re not going to be intimidated by any fighter, rising star or not.

Of course, the man I’m referring to is Chad Mendes, who is going set to fight Conor McGregor on July 11th. If this is the first time you’ve ever visited a MMA website, you might be unaware that the latter is the fastest rising athlete in the sport, and isn’t exactly ‘reserved’.

Since McGregor arrived in the UFC, he’s made it clear he’s not impressed with any of his fellow featherweights, and has taken plenty of verbal shots at Mendes. Well, in the first episode of UFC 189 Embedded, here is some of what Mendes had to say about McGregor (quote via Bloody

“Conor is like a chihuahua, he’s all bark. See, Conor is a master at selling fights and talking shit. So Conor can say what he wants, nothing is gonna get in my head. This is what I was born to do,” Mendes said. “I started wrestling when I was five years old. I haven’t taken a year off since. I had guys talking shit during competition, you know, I beat them every time. Conor is gonna say a bunch of stupid shit and I’m gonna be here, and I’m gonna be there whipping his ass. I can’t wait!”

Now sure, on some level, Mendes has likely been impressed with what he’s seen from McGregor, as there’s no questioning he’s an extremely dangerous striker. The big question is, however, whether he has the wrestling and grappling game to negate Mendes in this respect. Aldo was able to, and we’ll fight out if McGregor can on July 11th.

UFC 189 will  be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the co-headliner, welterweight champion Robbie Lawler will take on Rory MacDonald.


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