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UFC 189: Conor McGregor’s Coach Says “Notorious” More Flexible, More Powerful Than Ever

Conor McGregor

Of course, as a fighter nears his next bout, they and their coaches typically go out of their way to say how good the camp went. While one of Conor McGregor’s coaches is predictably telling the media that “Notorious” is better than ever, heading into UFC 189, his reasons for saying so are pretty interesting.

If you’ve been watching pre-fight videos about McGregor, or follow his social media, then you know the Irish fighter has been focusing a lot on stretching. Well, recently his striking coach Owen Roddy spoke to MMA about the featherweight, and while doing so, he relayed the following:

“Conor has got very smart in how he’s training,” Roddy said. “He doesn’t overdo it, because for years we all used to – sparring hard, wrestling hard and training three or four times a day. Now Conor gets up and does an hour’s yoga. Then he’ll move around, go do a session, and come home and stretch. It’s very controlled, but it is doing wonders for him.

“He’s got so much faster. He used to be fast, but now that he’s got more flexible, he’s way faster and stronger in all these different positions. He always had huge power in his hands, but the power he is now generating in his spinning kicks is devastating.”

Now sure, McGregor certainly has looked flexible enough in recent months, as the fighter has showcased some pretty acrobatic and nasty kicks. But unless Roddy is exaggerating, clearly it sounds like his new approach to training is paying off.

Thus, it’s going to be fascinating to see how McGregor utilizes his kicks against Chad Mendes, however, considering the latter’s wrestling abilities. Typically, fighters stay away from kicks against takedown artists, particularly headkicks, but McGregor is not your normal, orthodox fighter.

UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Graden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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