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UFC 189: Conor McGregor’s Coach Says “Year-Round” Training is Answer For Busy Media Schedule

Conor McGregor

As UFC 189 approaches it has never been more clear that Conor McGregor has become one of MMA’s biggest names, right up there in Ronda Rousey territory. After all, not only has “Notorious” done interviews with mainstream sports outlets like ESPN etc, but he’s appeared on shows like “Conan”. Not too many UFC fighters can say that.

But, some have begun to wonder if the media and promotional demands might be too much for the Irish star. Chael Sonnen recently argued as much, by noting that McGregor still had several appearances to make, as he’s attempting to cut down to 145.

Although this question is being asked, McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, says they’ve been preparing for this day–one of superstar status–for years. Recently the SBG owner spoke to, and while doing so, he stated this:

“We spoke about this early on in his career,” Kavanagh said. “I knew he would always be the center of attention and always be the main attraction, so we had to learn early on how to deal with that. We had to train year-round so that if a week had to be taken to do some media obligations here and there, it didn’t affect us. Whereas I think some guys only train when they have a fight coming up and then missing a day or two can be critical. But for us, we’re year-round trainers and to have to go somewhere to do an interview is not an issue.”

That’s interesting to hear, although, you have to wonder how this plays into McGregor’s weight cut. The latter is not exactly small for 145.

Of course, others will argue that McGregor’s been a pretty big deal for over a year now, and so far, the media obligations haven’t impacted his performance.

UFC 189 will go down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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