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Terry Martin Files Lawsuit Against Chicago Mayor, Police Officers For Misconduct

UFC middleweight Terry Martin has filed a lawsuit against Chicago’s mayor and police officers alleging misconduct that resulted in his arrest.

Here are the particulars of the lawsuit according to the Chicago Sun Times:

Martin, 26, is suing Mayor Daley and Chicago Police officials and officers for misconduct, alleging that corruption within the Chicago Police Department led to Martin being arrested and prosecuted.

Martin was stopped by police Oct. 22, 2005, for alleged minor traffic offenses while driving with his girlfriend, a 911 operator. He claims the officers used racial slurs during the encounter and other disrespectful comments. The next evening, according to the suit, Martin went to the police station to report the incident and was spotted by the same two officers.

”The police said Terry drove past the station, and when the officers turned on their sirens, he did a U-turn and fled,” Martin’s attorney, Blake Horowitz, said. ”They said he got up to a half-mile away before they brought him back and arrested him for fleeing and eluding.

”During the trial, another officer said he saw Terry pull up to the station calmly and they arrested him. He would have been able to see if there was a chase.”

Martin is set to face Chris Leben on September 19th on the main card of UFC Fight Night 11.


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