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Dana White Says He’s “Never Disrespected” Champ Jose Aldo in His Life

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Following Conor McGregor’s championship win over Chad Mendes at UFC 189, Dana White made it clear he’s done talking about the man “Notorious” was supposed to fight, Jose Aldo. Why’s that you’re asking?

Well, following the news of Aldo’s withdrawal,  UFC boss man Dana White has repeatedly said that the featherweight champ’s ribs were bruised, and not broken. According to White, this is what doctors have informed him.

However, Aldo and his camp have repeatedly said those doctors have it wrong, and a physician who diagnosed the champ personally, says the rib was in fact broken.

Some fans have viewed White’s comments as slights towards the promotion’s only 145 champ to date, and apparently the UFC President thinks the media is at fault. When asked about Aldo and the fighter’s injury following UFC 189, a fired up White relayed the following (comments via MMA

“Everything that was reported out there is complete bull—-is what it is,” White said. “And I’m not talking about Jose Aldo anymore, because the despicable, I don’t even know what to call them that work in this business that own some of these websites, it’s one of these things where basically they lie about what I said. Not what I said and then turn it around and then by the time it gets translated into Portuguese it’s even worse. It makes me sick and I’m not say anything about Jose Aldo.”

“I’ve never disrespected the guy in my life,” White added “I like Jose Aldo very much, his wife, his family. And I’m done. Not talking about Jose Aldo…”

Now it’s true that White has continued to stand-by the opinion that Aldo’s ribs aren’t broken, and he hasn’t gone out of his way to interject, when McGregor’s accused the champ of “running”. But, White has acknowledged that Aldo was worried about making weight, considering the injury he was dealing with.

All this aside, how huge is Aldo-McGregor going to be when it goes down?


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