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Urijah Faber’s Reporting New Backstage Incident With Conor McGregor

Urijah Faber

As many predicted would happen, apparently it hasn’t taken long for Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber to get into it on the set of “The Ultimate Fighter”.

If you missed in recent weeks, due to the insanely busy MMA schedule, McGregor and Faber have been tapped to coach opposite one another on TUF 22. The announcement surprised quite a  few folks, since McGregor is expected to fight champion Jose Aldo next, but the show is “Team Europe vs. Team USA”, so the appointments make sense from that perspective.

The news came not long after McGregor and Faber had a bizarre and brief scuffle prior to UFC 189, which was captured by the “Embedded” camera crew. It all started when Faber was giving McGregor a bit of a hard time, he patted “The California Kid” on the head, and then things got kind of serious for just a second.

Well, recently Faber spoke to Mixed Martial, and while doing so, he relayed that he’s already had a second incident with “Notorious”.

“That happened again. It happened again a couple of days ago. They didn’t have any cameras on us, we’re giving each other crap and the next thing you know we’re testing each other a little bit. Then we’re like manhandling each other. It always ends with him getting pissed off.”

“He likes them until the end when he’s getting manhandled,” said Faber. “Then he doesn’t like it. The last one was kind of funny. His guy Tom [Egan] had to come in and be like, ‘Alight guys let’s break it up.’ I feel like it was all in good fun for the most part. We both like to fight. That’s what we do.”

Now sure, this might prompt an eye roll from cynics, who think all this is orchestrated to drum up hype for TUF 22. But, when you consider McGregor’s persona, it’s not hard to image him getting riled up right? Faber? Well, he seems a little more chill no?

All this aside, it will be interesting to see whether McGregor’s inclusion on the show generates big ratings for the upcoming season.

Faber, who hasn’t fought since May when he was decisioned by Frankie Edgar, isn’t currently booked for a fight either.


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