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CM Punk: Striking “Best Area” According to Coach Duke Roufus

CM Punk

Since CM Punk has done some training in jiu-jitsu, and is a former pro-wrestling star, most folks, including himself, expected him to be more of grappler in his MMA endeavours. Well, after spending the year thus far at the Roufusport gym in Milwaukee, it sounds like Punk’s best tools are his punches and kicks….

Punk recently spoke with the media while attending UFC International Fight Week, and while discussing his evolution as fighter, the 36 year-old relayed (quote via MMA

“Everybody asks Duke, ‘Well, how’s he doing?’ and Duke tells everybody that he thinks my best area right now is striking, believe it or not,” Punk said, while referring to the gym’s renowned coach, Duke Roufus. “Which is mind-boggling to me. Striking is the one thing that I never did. I’ve hit mitts before. I’ve done boxing and stuff like that. But just all the little nuances, with like everything you need to do with your feet, your head, just movement, correct movement. That’s been the most challenging thing aside from wrestling.”

How about that huh? Punk also told the media that he’s walking around 190-195 pounds, so he believes he’ll be fighting at 170 when he makes his UFC debut, and not 185 as originally thought.

The aspiring fighter’s first pro bout has yet to be determined, but it’s expected to take place later this year or in early 2016.


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