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UFC’s Dana White Fires Back at Over Saturation Argument

Dana White

If you believe the UFC is holding too many shows today, and the cards are suffering as a result, well, Dana White believes you are wrong…Surprised?

Yes, for sometime now, a lot of fans and pundits have been floating the oversaturated argument, which believes the promotion’s schedule is just too busy. Case in point, the UFC is holding five cards in the month of July, and there’s another one right around the corner on August 1st. UFC FN 70 took place on June 27th.

Not to mention all the Bellator, WSOF cards, GLORY events and boxing bouts combat sports fans might follow.

Of course, there are fans who believe the more UFC’s the better, but the over saturation argument hasn’t been silenced by those voices.

Recently White appeared on the Canadian talk show, “Tim and Sid“, and here is some of what he had to say about the subject (quotes via MMA

“There’s no such thing as diluting the product,” White said. “We just did a show last Saturday night in Scotland that was insane. It was sold out, we broke records, and we continue to do that all over the world. We’re building a brand, we’re building a sport, and there’s still a lot of work to do.”

“ESPN covers us on a regular basis now even though we’re on FOX in the United States and all the other TV deals we have around the world,” White said. “You can’t build a sport and have five shows a year. You can’t do it. We have to continue to put on more shows, and we have to continue to put on more shows around the world. There are places that are starving to have the UFC come back. There’s actually not enough supply for the demand.”

Critics might not agree with White on this, but there’s no doubt that television deals, and the push into international markets, are big reasons why there’s a UFC almost every weekend. Does this mean alot of cards aren’t exactly stacked with all-star bouts? Yes. Yes it does.

UFC on FOX 16 will take place this Saturday in Chicago.


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