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Georges St-Pierre Explains Why Fighting Carlos Condit is a “Nightmare”

Carlos Condit

When you consider how long Georges St-Pierre was the UFC’s welterweight champ, one would think being called a “nightmare” by him has to be quite the compliment no?

Yes, as the headline above relays, GSP recently had some serious praise for the abilities of Carlos Condit, who he fought in 2012. St-Pierre scored a unanimous decision over “The Natural Born Killer” at UFC 154, but he had to battle back from a nasty kick to the head before doing so.

Recently GSP spoke to the German publication, Ground and Pound, and while doing so, he was asked about Mr. Condit. Here is some of what the former champ had to say about the 31 year-old contender (quote via Bloody

“Carlos Condit is a nightmare,” St-Pierre said. “Of all the guys that I would not want to fight again, it would be Carlos Condit. Because Carlos Condit […] is very well rounded, things can come out of every angle, from everywhere. Johny Hendricks is very good at what he does. Not as surprising as Carlos Condit, but he’s very good at what he does. He hits very hard with his left. But I do believe right now, if you talk about ranking and positioning, the man that deserves the title shot would be Johny Hendricks. That’s what I believe. But Carlos Condit is not far behind. And on a five round fight, I believe right now in the mix, Carlos Condit might be the most dangerous guy. He has more weapons in his arsenal and you never know where it’s coming from. It’s just a nightmare fighting a guy like this…”

How about that for a compliment huh? And of course, other fighters have also relayed that facing Condit is no picnic. The welterweight has run into some issues while facing noted wrestlers like GSP and Hendricks, but other than that, Condit has defeated some pretty big names in recent years.

It’s also interesting to hear that GSP believes Hendricks should get another crack at the belt, as there have been reports and rumors recently, that the UFC is looking at Lawler-Condit. The latter has lost three of his last five fights, so handing Condit a title shot would likely shock /annoy a few folks, including “Bigg Rigg”, but that’s a fight that certainly would move some tickets. Who wouldn’t want to see Lawler fight Condit?

Most recently, Condit stopped Thiago Alves in the second round at a UFC Fight Night card in May.

GSP, meanwhile, continues to remain non-committal in terms of whether he’ll comeback to the cage. The renowned fighter hasn’t fought now since November, 2013.


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