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Dana White: Bisping-Hamill Rematch a “No-Brainer”

Dana White has gone on the record about the controversial Bisping-Hamill decision and is reportedly ready to book a rematch between The Ultimate Fighter 3 contestants:

“[The rematch is] a no-brainer and I’m going to be on it right away.”

Personally, I think this bout is very unlikely to happen. The UFC has a lot to lose in a rematch and very little to gain. Although Michael Bisping’s marketability took a hit in the win he remains a viable fighter with an undefeated record. Hamill on the other hand came out the big winner with fans rallying behind the fighter and calling out the UFC and judges for the outcome of the fight. What happened at UFC 75 is history so lets take a look at what a win in a potential rematch would do for each fighter:

  • Bisping wins – If Michael Bisping wins a rematch it does very little for his career as a win over someone you already beat (especially in your very last fight) is not very beneficial though it could put some criticism to rest. A Hamill loss significantly hurts his marketability as back to back losses against someone billed as a possible title contender isn’t the best accolade to possess. The first loss had fans rally behind Hamill but unless a similar (and highly unlikely) scenario plays out in the rematch many fans would simply write Hamill off as a legitimate fighter.
  • Hamill wins – Should Hamill be victorious in the rematch the UFC would lose its most marketable fighter in England in Bisping. This would likely slow the UFC’s ability to continue its phenomenal expansion overseas unless another European fighter steps up but with few on the radar now one is going to be hard to come by. Bisping has essentially spearheaded the UFC’s overseas expansion but a questionable win followed up by a loss would put him out of the title picture for a long time and relegate him to less-important main card fights that most fans could care less about. Hamill would benefit significantly from a win over Bisping but in the eyes on the UFC the risk of putting Bisping back in the cage with Hamill far outweighs any benefit the UFC would receive from a Hamill win.

In the eyes of most fans Hamill won his fight against Bisping and is likely to be treated as such with a fight against another solid fighter lying ahead for the wrestler-turned-striker. Bisping on the other hand is likely to retreat to the much weaker middleweight division where he will physically match up better with other fighters and face much less resistance in his path towards the title.


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