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UFC 190: Main Card Play-By-Play And Results


With the preliminary card in the books, it’s time to move to the main card for UFC 190, and yes, Ronda Rousey versus Bethe Correia.

Jessica Aguilar vs. Claudia Gadelha

Round 1: Fast action right out of the gate. Aguilar takes a knee to the head. Aguilar with a leg kick but takes a counter left. Gadelha is winning the exchanges so far. Big right from Gadelha. Another right from Gadelha lands flush. “JAG” needs to change things up. Uppercut from Gadelha. JAG is starting to wear the punches. Beautifully timed TD by Gadelha. JAG gives up her back as she tries to get to her feet. Round ends.

Round 2: Thumping left hook from Gadelha. Another hard shot from Gadelha. JAG appears to be hurt. Gadelha clinches up and takes JAG down. Latter gets back to her feet. Aguilar’s nose is bleeding pretty badly. Right hand from Gadelha. JAG changes levels but can’t get the TD. Aguilar fires a jab but takes a counter. Uppercut and hook from Gadelha. JAG is really bloodied up. JAG is still coming forward. Gadelha gets a TD. Rounds end.

Round 3: Gadelha with a knee and a straight right. JAG lands a couple of nice leg kicks. Another leg kick from the latter. Gadelha plants a hard hook. Now JAG storms in looking for a TD. Both women land right hands. Telegraphed TD from Aguilar. Latter is scoring more often this round but needs a finish. Gadelha blasts in and gets the TD. Round ends.

Claudia Gadelha def. Jessica Aguilar via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Soa Palelei vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1: Silva comes in with a knee but Palelei catches it, pushes “Bigfoot” to the cage. They break. Silva misses with a right, pushes Palelei away as he goes for a TD. Silva lands an uppercut. Now “Bigfoot” pushes Palelei to the cage. Silva attempts a throw but Palelei reverses, winds up on top. Palelei lands a couple shots from above. Palelei plants a couple of big punches before round ends.

Round 2: Silva comes in, plants a big right and a knee. Palelei is up against the cage and is eating huge shots. Palelei drops to the floor and it’s all over. Wow.

Antonio Silva def. Soa Palelei via TKO (punches)  R2,0:41

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Stefan Struve

Round 1: Nogueira comes out firing and pushes Struve to the cage. Nogueira’s looking for a trip but Struve is defending. Now “Big Nog” switches to a single leg but can’t get the TD. Struve staggers Nogueira with a big right on the break. Latter clinches up. Struve breaks away and plants another right. “Big Nog” clinches up but gets thrown to the mat. Struve backs away. Knee from Struve. Front kick from the latter and then a leg kick. Nogueira lands a left hook and pushes Struve to the cage. They break. Another front kick from Struve. Nogueira plants a right. “Big Nog” flurries in again. Struve fires back. Round ends.

Round 2: Struve with a hard leg kick. Another one. Nogueira flurries and lands a 3-2. Nogueira is trying to work a trip and drags Struve down to the mat. Nogueira takes his back but Struve scrambles out. Struve with a head kick attempt. Nogueira with a left but Struve counters. Nogueira lands another left and clinches up. Front kick from Struve. Nogueira pushes Struve to the cage again. Struve with a nice uppercut. More front kicks from Struve to the body. Nogueira digs a left to the body. Struve wings a big shot that just misses. Hard leg kick from Struve. Big right from Struve but Nogueira clinches up. Round ends.

Round 3: Nogueira takes another front kick and counters with a right. Struve with a head kick attempt. Nogueira momentarily takes Struve to the mat. Struve lands a shot to Nogueira’s left ear and it’s bleeding. Both men with a leg kicks. Hard knee from Struve to the body. Nogueira with a left. Another leg kick from Struve. Another leg kick lands to Nogueira. Latter clinches up. Struve breaks away. Head kick from Struve glances off the head of Nogueira. Wow. Legend keeps moving forward. 1-2 from Nogueira but he takes another leg kick. Struve plants a right and a hard jab. Struve with another combo. Nogueira is ridiculously tough. Round ends.

Stefan Struve def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via unanimous decision  (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Dileno Lopes vs. Reginaldo Vieira

Round 1: Vieira wings a huge over hand right but Lopes clinches up and tosses in a series of hard shots to the body. Vieira with a nice right. Vieira drops back for a guillotine but Lopes moves out of guard. Lopes pops his head out. Now Lopes drops back for a guillotine. Crazy. He gets out. Wow. Vieira with a hard knee but Lopes rocks him with a counter. Now Lopes drops back for another guillotine choke. Vieira gets out again. Fight’s back on its feet. Vieira chucks a big right but Lopes fires back. Hard body kick from Vieira. Lopes eats a big right and he’s cut above his left eye. Round ends.

Round 2: Vieira plants a right. Lopes with a counter right. Lopes lands a hard kick to the body. Both guys wing hard shots. Vieira with a nice, inside leg kick. Action has slowed in comparison to crazy pace of the first round. Vieira chucks a big right and Lopes fires back with a left. Lopes lands a left. Lopes is cut by his right eye as well. Fight spills to the ground and Lopes is on top. Round ends.

Round 3: Vieira lands a nice jab. Hard kick from Vieira. Lopes checks the next leg kick attempt. Vieira attempts a high kick. Lopes charges in but Vieira pushes off. Lopes plants a nice 2-3. Now Lopes gets the TD. Vieira works his way back to his feet but Lopes jumps on another guillotine. Vieira works his way out and is bloodied up. Hammer fists from Vieira. Lopes with elbows from the bottom. Wow. Both guys are just chucking in shots. Round ends.

Reginaldo Vieira def. Dileno Lopes def. via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) Viera takes the TUF Brazil bantamweight competition.

Fernando Bruno vs. Glaico Franca 

Round 1: Both men fire hard shots to kick things off. Bruno with a leg kick and then shoots in. Franca spins to the back of Bruno but the latter gets up and out. Bruno is looking for a single leg and takes Franca down. Latter gets right back up. Bruno clinches up. Now Franca gets the TD. Bruno gets back to his feet but is swept to the mat. Round ends.

Round 2: Franca with a leg kick; follows up with a head kick attempt but it’s blocked. Franca pushes Bruno to the cage. Latter sweeps Franca to the floor but he gets back up. Franca with the TD. In the scramble Bruno gets on top. Franca pushes Bruno off and gets to his feet. Wow. Bruno throws Franca but the latter takes his back. Franca starts hunting for a choke but Bruno is defending. Round ends.

Round 3: Franca with a leg kick. Bruno storms in and is chucking big bombs. Bruno clinches up and sweeps Franca to the mat. Franca rolls out, however, and moves to back of Bruno. Bruno gets to his feet and flurries in. Bruno takes a knee to the groin. Fight resumes. Franca is looking for the TD but Bruno defends. Franca fires a head kick that misses. Franca gets the TD and moves to the back of Bruno. Franca sinks in the rear-naked-choke and it’s over.

Franca is the new, TUF Brazil lightweight winner.

Glaico Franca def. Fernando Bruno via submission (rear-naked choke) R3, 4:46

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Mauricio Rua 

Round 1: Rua throws a kick to the body. Another kick to the body from Rua. Nogueira with a hard left that’s blocked. Rua with an overhand right. Nogueira clinches up briefly. “Lil Nog” throws a kick. Rua storms in but doesn’t land. Both guys fire hard shots in the exchange. Wow. Hard, hard kick to the body from Rua. Nogueira lands a left and Rua is wobbled. Nogueira is pouring on shots and Rua is attempting to fire back. Looks like Nogueira may been stunned as well. Now Nogueira pushes forward and Rua attempts a TD. Rua takes another big left. Knee from Nogueira and the round ends. Crazy.

Round 2: Rua with an inside leg kick. Rua shoots in and gets the TD. Rua is throwing the odd punch from above. “Shogun” can’t pass half guard of Nogueira. Latter works his way up and out. Good body kick from Rua. They clinch up but ref separates them. Nogueira with a left. Another body kick from Nogueira. Rua with a left. Body kick and then a leg kick by Rua. Round ends.

Round 3:  Another body kick from Rua. Nogueira plants a left. Yet another kick from Rua. Now Rua shoots in but “Lil Nog” defends. Yikes. Cracking body kick from Rua. Hard left from Nogueira; Rua counters. “Shogun” attempts a single leg TD but can’t get it. Rua with a 1-2. Nice right hand from Rua. Another kick from Rua. Latter has a huge knot on his right ankle. Another TD attempt from Rua but he’s caught in a guillotine. Rua pops his head out. Rua lands an elbow and the final horn goes.

Mauricio Rua def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia

Round 1: Rousey lands a right seconds in. Rousey ties Corries up and lands some shots. The champ pushes Correia to the mat but she gets back up. Rousey storms in and puts Correia to the mat with a right hand and a left. It’s over. Unbelievable.

Ronda Rousey def. Bethe Correia via KO (punches) R1, 0:34


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