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UFC 190: Kenny Florian Praises Ronda Rousey For Developing “Pick Your Poison Scenario”

Ronda Rousey

Yes, it’s the day after UFC 190, and the MMA world is once again falling over itself to talk about just how good Ronda Rousey is. The bantamweight champ not only took out another of the UFC’s top contenders in Bethe Correia, she did so in just 34 seconds.

This time around, however, Rousey didn’t do so by tossing her opponent through the air and finishing her with strikes, or by slapping on one of her feared armbars; she did so with boxing. If you missed the contest, both Rousey and Correia came out winging bombs. During the opening exchanges, Correia stumbled and was pushed to the mat by Rousey. As “Pitbull” rose to her feet, Rousey swarmed in and caught her with a big left. That was the beginning of the end for the bantamweight, as although she attempted to fire back, Rousey flattened her out with a combo and it was nighty, night.

Any one who has watched Rousey spar or hit pads knows that she’s become a very dangerous striker, but last night, that fact really hit home. Case in point, here is what UFC commentators Rashad Evans and Kenny Florian had to say about the champ, on the post-fight, FOX Sports 1 show (quotes via FOX Sports 1 press release).

“Ronda just finds a new way to win each time. This fight will add more value to her training in the future,” said Florian. “She’ll pick out mistakes and get better with her striking and get even more dangerous. She knows she can submit you, and now she can use her striking and develop that more, and get even better. There’s no one in the division who can offer competition.”

“She’s going to continue to be a problem for everyone because it’ll be a pick-your-poison scenario: if you respect the hands, you get thrown down. If you don’t, you’ll get punched,” added Florian. “This is years and years of competing at an elite level. She’s looking to finish her opponent the second the bell rings.”

“She’s developed her hands,” said Evans . “They’re strong, they’re hard and they’re accurate. She’s just getting better and better.”

Yup. There’s no question she’s become far, far more than just a world class Judoka with a lethal armbar. Now it will be interesting to see who’s next? Will the UFC go with Rousey-Tate III? Or try to expedited Cris “Cyborg’s” drop to 135, and book that massive fight?


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