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Miesha Tate Weighs-In on Ronda Rousey Latest Win, Admits She “Sympathized” With Rival

Miesha Tate

Heading into UFC 190, pretty much everyone and their dog believed Ronda Rousey would take out Bethe Correia, and clearly Miesha Tate was one of these folks.

Although Correia had gone 3-0 in UFC action, and was undefeated prior to the August 1st event, “Pitbull” hadn’t faced anyone like Rousey. The latter was a massive, massive favorite to win the bout, and Rousey demonstrated why, by stopping Correia in just 34 seconds.

Recently Tate appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and she was asked to weigh-in on her rival’s latest victory. Here is some of what Tate had to say (quote via Bloody

“I really don’t think that she (Correia) is that good yet. I think she really was more full of herself than anything else, and she was really trying to hype herself,” Tate said. “I think she had every intention of going out there and winning, and I think she really believed it. But I think she was just treading in too deep of water and was just in over her head.”

Correia repeatedly said she was going to knock Rousey out leading up to the fight, and whenever the two met at pre-fight events, the contender certainly didn’t seem intimidated. Rousey, however, promised to punish Correia, after one of the latter’s pre-fight verbal jabs referred to suicide. Rousey’s father took his own life when she was a child. Correia claimed she was unaware of this fact, but not everyone, including Rousey, believed her.

“If there was any time that I actually felt bad for Ronda and kind of sympathized with her, it was in this fight,” Tate said. “I really thought that Bethe overstepped some personal boundaries that she just shouldn’t. I mean, Ronda and I are probably never going to get along. We’re probably never going to be friends, but there’s a certain amount of respect that one another should have for each other, as fighters, if nothing more.”

Tate, who is coming off a decision win over Jessica Eye last month, went on to say that Correia got “what was coming to her”. Tate siding with Rousey; how about that?

Now it remains to be seen if in fact, Tate gets tapped to fight Rousey for a third time. The post-UFC 190 narrative certainly seems to think that’s going to happen.


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