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Joe Rogan Believes UFC Needs More Weight Classes

Joe Rogan

Currently there are nine weight classes in the UFC, and according to commentator Joe Rogan, future additions are likely.

For years, people pointed to how many weight classes boxing has, compared to MMA, as why the latter was easier to follow. In addition, when MMA was still struggling to become a main stream sport, it was hard to find top tier talent for five divisions, much less nine.

But, as the sport continues to grow and more and more athletes are turning to fighting, many have questioned whether it’s time to introduce more divisions. Proponents of this also note that not every fighter is physically suited to fight in the divisions that are currently promoted.

Well, on a recent edition of Rogan’s podcast, the lifelong martial artist relayed he thinks more divisions are a necessity (quote via Bloody

“I also think the UFC is probably gonna have to add more weight classes eventually, because there’s not enough weight classes,” Rogan said. “There’s some big gaps – like 185 and 205, that’s a 20 lbs. weight class – that’s a giant gap. I think for guys that are like ‘tweeners, there’s guys that are like too big for this weight but too small for that weight – they could use a 195 – I think every 10 lbs. would be reasonable.”

It’s an interesting and compelling point, and Rogan certainly isn’t alone on this as noted earlier. There is a big difference between middleweight and light-heavyweight, as well as the latter and many heavyweights. The difference between middleweights, welterweights and lightweights, 15 pounds, is also considerable.

But, the question does remain, would fans, particularly casual fans, welcome more weight classes in MMA? Would they be able to keep track of the various champions and title shot pictures? Tough to say. Should that even matter?


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