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Michael Bisping, Matt Hamill Release Statements on UFC 75 Fight

Michael Bisping and Matt Hamill have both released official statements on their thoughts regarding Bisping’s split decision win at UFC 75 in London.

Michael Bisping

As most people will of seen the fight with me and Hamil was a close one. I have seen the controversy surrounding the decision so obviously have to reply. I personally feel he won round 1 and I took rounds 2 and 3. That said it was close and can I understand how some people would think differently. On the night I was given the decision and he wasnt, on another occasion it could of been different.

Looking at message boards it appears that some ( major understatement) people are pissed off about my comments afer the fight. Looking back I should of given hammil more credit as he fought a great fight and has improved his all round game a hell of a lot. What you have to remember is though the adrenalin was running through my veins, I had fought a hard fight and was obviously happy to get the decision. I would like to take this oportuninty to say well done to Matt for fighting great and bringing the fight to me big time, I should have commented on this on the night.

I have contacted the UFC and stated I would like to rematch Hammill at everyones earliest convenience as Im sure most of you know, no fighter wants a win when the decision is debateable. I am happy for the fight to take place where ever, and look forward to settling the score once and for all. I personally feel we put on a great fight for the fans and perhaps people should focus on this more.

I apologise to all my fans who feel let down by anyhting at the weekend, hey Im a young man with alot of emotion and sometimes say things in the heat of the moment.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has sent me there messages. Theres been to many to  reply to them all. I will say this though, if Matt Hammils gonna cut me next time he might need a carving knife as Ive definately got thicker skin over the last few days.

After the fight I had a few beers with my freinds and made my way home with all my team. I’d like to say thanks to everyone at the Wolfslair for their continued help and support. Thanks to Team rampage for all there help at big bear and thanks to all my sponsors(tapout,Affliction, premier security and xyience).

Right now Im spending some quality time with my kids as its been hard being away from them for so long.Gonna take a week or so off (gotta let the bruises heel) and then its back to the gym.

Matt Hamill

I would like to thank everyone for their unbelievable support. I fought my heart out in London and feel I should have won the fight. The outpouring of support from people all over the world has touched my heart. It validates my performance to myself and that means as much as a win to me. I think MMA is a great sport and I don’t believe in any kind of a fix. The two judges that scored the win for Bisping obviously need to re-evaluate the way they score a fight. You can’t win a fight when you run for three rounds. They need to study the criteria for scoring an MMA fight: effective striking, grappling, takedowns, aggression and control. Bisping did none of that in my opinion. The UFC has the best MMA in the world and I am proud to be a part of it. I will be fighting in the UFC for a long time. Thanks again to all my fans, especially to all the English fans who came up to me after the fight to tell me I was the winner. I will be back in the octagon very soon and promise to fight my heart out like I always have.

Matt “The Hammer” Hamill


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