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UFC 194: Chris Weidman Says Luke Rockhold is “Insecure”, Not Truly Confident in Ability to Beat Champ

Chris Weidman

Luke Rockhold certainly doesn’t seem intimidated by Chris Weidman, as their December 12th bout nears, but according to the middleweight champ that’s all talk.

In the preceding months, Rockhold has credited Weidman for being a tough and talented fighter, but at the same time, he’s also argued that he’s better than the champin all areas. Of course, if you’ve followed Rockhold’s career, you know he’s never been short on confidence, but when you’re one of the most athletic and well rounded middleweights on the planet that tends to happen…

Recently Weidman appeared on “The MMA Hour” and of course, he was asked to weigh-in on his next bout. Here is some of what the accomplished wrestler had to say about Mr. Rockhold (quotes via MMA

“I’m excited to go out there and just really run through Luke,” Weidman said. “I just really cannot imagine myself losing to him. I know he’ll talk the same way, but I think he’s just kind of faking it. I don’t think he really believes he can beat me, but he knows what to say.

“These guys know in the weight (class), I think they’re starting to get it. And he’s one of the guys who knows. I think he’s a little insecure about himself, and I feel like that’s why he has to pump his chest up all the time and go a little overboard. I think he’s just insecure and I think he knows what’s coming. I think he’d much rather be fighting anyone else besides me.”

That’s an interesting spin on things now? Does Weidman truly believe that Rockhold doubts in his ability to defeat him? Or have the pre-fight, mind games already begun? Perhaps it’s a bit of both no?

It’s worth noting that there are others who believe Rockhold will either defeat Weidman, or at a minimum, provide the champ his toughest test to date. After all, this is a man who has wins over “Jacare” Souza, Tim Kennedy, Michael Bisping and Lyoto Machida, among other notable middleweights. He also was defeated by Vitor Belfort, who Weidman boosters will no doubt point out, stopped in the first round. Did the champ face the same Belfort that Rockhold battled in 2013?

It’s a huge fight, and it will co-headlined UFC 194, which will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The featherweight title fight between champ Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor will head that card.


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