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Conor McGregor’s Not Interested in Facing Chad Mendes After UFC 194

Conor McGregor

Although a lot of folks want to see Chad Mendes take another run at Conor McGregor with a full training camp behind him, apparently a rematch isn’t in the latter’s plans.

Mendes stepped up on short notice in July, after Jose Aldo went down with a rib injury, and McGregor went on to stop “Money” in the second round. Mendes was winning the fight up until the finish, and has repeatedly argued that with a full training camp, he’d defeat McGregor.

Since the memorable fight, McGregor has been booked to face Aldo at UFC 194 on December 12th. Mendes, on the other hand, is expected to face fellow top contender Frankie Edgar the night before. When all this came out, the consensus was that the winner of Edgar-Mendes would be the first to challenge whoever is holding the featherweight belt, after Aldo-McGregor.

Well, McGregor recently attended a media event ┬áin Los Angeles, and during it, he announced he plans to move up to 155 after facing Aldo (the idea being, of course, that he’ll be the champ). But what about Edgar and Mendes? McGregor reportedly said this (quote via MMA

“I’m hoping Jose will show up,” McGregor said. “I’m going to retire him, end his career, and then I’ve done what I’ve said I’ll do. I said I’m going to kill the featherweight division, there’s nobody left.”

“If Frankie was to put on a phenomenal performance and stop Chad, or maybe something like that, then I can say, alright, let’s answer the Frankie question, let’s shut him down real quick,” McGregor added. “But in my mind, I’m thinking, I’m going to unify the belts, I’m going to destroy the division, and then I’m going to take the lightweight division as well. That’s where I’m headed right now.”

How about that huh? Chances are these comments aren’t going to sit too well with Mendes and his supporters. The question is, however, would the UFC sign off on McGregor leaving 145 without defending the belt even once? If say, he defeats Aldo and Mendes takes out Edgar? Hard to say. A lot of people would like to see McGregor-Mendes II no?

December’s going to be a fascinating month for MMA fans.


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