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Urijah Faber Warns Conor McGregor About Spending Habits

Conor McGregor

Now that Urijah Faber and Conor McGregor have coached opposite of one another on TUF 22, there’s no shortage of content regarding the two….This is what happens when you have one of the most respected and accomplished fighters in ZUFFA history, interacting with the sport’s fastest rising star for a couple of weeks.

Prior to the show’s debut, both McGregor and Faber have been making the media rounds, and not surprisingly, the latter has been fielding lots of questions about “Notorious”. McGregor is coming off a win over Faber’s teammate and buddy in Chad Mendes, so there’s a bit of tension there as a result. Compared to McGregor’s fractured relationship with several other fighters, however, you might think he and Faber are actually friends.

At a recent media event to promote the TUF 22, Faber was asked to weigh-on on McGregor’s apparent habit of burning through cash like there’s no tomorrow. The brash fighter clearly loves his custom made suits, bling, post hotel suites and massive, massive mansions. Here is some of what Faber had to say (comments via FOX

“I said, ‘bro, take it down,’

“Take the 16,000 square foot rental down to an 8,000 foot rental, you know? He’ll figure it out. He’s a smart enough guy…He’s going to learn a couple little lessons here and there. He’s pretty smart. He’s a decent guy.”

“I mean, don’t be rubbing it in other people’s face that you’re acting like you got a ton of money yet,”

Faber is reportedly doing just fine in his own right, as not only as he done quite well in the Octagon, but the Sacramento fighter also owns a few businesses.  McGregor has said that he likes to spend his hard earned money because it keeps him sharp; it motivates him for his next fight. You have to wonder, however, if he’ll feel that way if he loses his next fight? Or if he’ll continue to do so in several more years, when the retirement line gets that much closer?

McGregor is set to fight featherweight champ Jose Aldo on December 12th, which is the same night that Faber will take on Frankie Saenz.


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